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Author Topic: Modified my ADA Stage Head  (Read 735 times)

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Modified my ADA Stage Head
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I've long had an ADA Stage Head with MP-1, MP-1C, and MP-2.  Over time I added the ISP Decimator Pro Rack G Stereo Noise Reduction system.  Now I've completed the system with a Rockman Patchmate 8 MIDI Effects and Audio Switcher!  All are controlled by a RJM Mastermind GT16 (or Keith McMillen Softstep 2).  The case is a 5U RMC Modular Headcase with 10 AC outlets built-in.

The three ADA preamps are on MIDI channels 1,2, and 3 respectively.  The Patchmate is on MIDI channel 4.  Both the Mastermind GT16 and Softstep 2 are capable of transmitting multiple program change and continuous controller messages on multiple channels for each switch.  The RJM also has a programmable display for each foot switch, which comes in handy for preset labeling.  I wish I could use an ADA foot controller, but none have this capability.

With one switch I can select which preamp to play through, along with a starting preset; then with the RJM in instant access mode I can change the presets for it without affecting the other two preamps.  Altogether I can program the 22 switches on the RJM for any combination of preamps and presets (I doubt I will ever use the 768 maximum presets!).  I'm still working on the expression pedal hook up for MP-2.

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Re: Modified my ADA Stage Head
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Nice set up  :whoohoo!: :thumb-up: , some ideas for exp pedal with MP2, I use one pedal for the stereo master volume (global setting), the other candidates are probably whah and maybe to drive the macros  :dunno: , not a feature I've experimented with yet. I'm thinking to have a MP1 + MP2 rig and bring the MP1 main outs back into the MP2 loop returns so then it will also be controlled by the MP2 master vol and also picks up MP2 tremolo and cab sims.  Not sure what the MP1 classic can do CC wise (I don't have one) but I assume it's similar to MP2 as it came after the MP2.
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Re: Modified my ADA Stage Head
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Cool setup! True blue!  :thumb-up:

I am considering something like this myself, putting all the preamps in one rack, and the power amp in a separate one.

I don't have a rack switcher like yours, but plan on using a Rolls mini mixer with 3 stereo inputs and one stereo output with an A/B-box for my MP-1 and a TriAxis.

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Re: Modified my ADA Stage Head
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Nice setup  :thumb-up:

@R, the classic doesn't do CC.


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Re: Modified my ADA Stage Head
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Looks good man.
It's really nice to see there's a group of people still using ADA stuff
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Re: Modified my ADA Stage Head
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Love. It. Nice rig man! One of each flavor  :thumb-up:
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