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Author Topic: Leaving to BULGARIA!!! Насдраве!!!  (Read 598 times)

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So yeah, tomorrow (Friday eastern time), I'm taking off to Bulgaria unknown amount of time.

My wife and daughter already left like a month ago.
I will be residing in Plovdiv for quite a while.
If everything goes well, it might be years.

I should have more time on my hands while over there and I plan to get on
some long overdue projects that are constantly put back.
Lots of writing and recording in plan...

I should also be able to browse around here more often.
And being in Europe, eventually, I might get to be able to go see some of you fuckers
in flesh and bones, who knows??

PS: To keep this thread ADA-related, among the stuff I'm bringing along for the ride:
-MP-1 Classic
-Viper combo
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Re: Leaving to BULGARIA!!! Насдраве!!!
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I would love to visit Bulgaria.  Good luck man!  :wave:
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Re: Leaving to BULGARIA!!! Насдраве!!!
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Not everything absolutely has to be ADA relevant ;)
Interesting plans and time you folks chose for a relocation..
I believe some of the more Eastern and Balcan countries are decently more sane reloc targets than the more western part of the world, geo-politically.
I'll be exiting the EU/West as soon as possible, before the next crisis hits..
..but it's buggy!
- it's software..


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Re: Leaving to BULGARIA!!! Насдраве!!!
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Hey Chucky,  :whoohoo!: , sounds great, safe trip and hear from you soon  :wave:
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