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Author Topic: Introduction &Mp1 chorus and alesis quadraverd question  (Read 1504 times)

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Hello good to meet all of you!! This is my first post so please be gentle.

I’m running my mp1 with a quadraverb but for some reason it pretty much disables the chorus that  mp1 has. I prefer it to the one in the quadraverb. The Qv is ran after the mp1 in stereo and not through it’s effect loop. Is this normal for the Q.v. unit?
I also have a tc g major and an rocktron intellifex that runs perfectly fine where the mp1 chorus is audible . I just prefer the quadraverb.
 Thanks in advance and hopefully this is not a thread that is posted all the time by newbies like myself.


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Hey Mike, don't worry, were all here to help  :thumb-up: , and we'll be gentle, that's the kind of place this is  :wave: .This is a new one as I've used a QV for many years (MP1 then MP2) and never come across this issue. And like you prefer the MP1 chorus.  So no, this is not normal and the way you are running it should be fine and better than in the MP1 loop (as you maintain stereo).Now I use my QV with a mixer running it off the Fx sends but that shouldn't make much difference.  Also I only use a bit of stereo delay and some chamber reverb, I don't use the QV chorus or Eq (they are in the QV patch as I use the 4 Fx QV setting but I don't send signal to/from them, adjusted within the QV).  Because you are running through the QV you will need to get the direct/Fx mix levels right within it (I do this with the mixer and run the QV full wet, no direct as I have the direct in the 2 input channels and then mix the Fx back in with 2 Fx return channels).  For you the QV becomes the mixer but, while more fiddly, should work fine.What are all your patch parameter settings (both MP1 and QV), tedious I know but list them all will help.  So just do one MP1 patch and corresponding QV patch that's causing issues.
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