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Author Topic: Seeking Collaborators  (Read 609 times)

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Seeking Collaborators
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A bit of history:  Somewhat recently I started learning classical piano.  It's something I love, but it's also been somewhat of a gateway for me to electronic music, something else I have been interested in for a long time, but talking too anew.  Oddly enough, it's a lot faster and more satisfying laying down tracks and ideas when I can actually play them vs clicking them in on a piano roll or step sequencing.  (As well as a better vibe and feel)

While exploring this, in addition to working on some original electronic pieces, I am also taking some of the classical pieces and re-arranging them.   However, I am staying away from the major symphonies/orchestras/famous pieces, etc.   Some might be more well knows, but I am more looking at things like in "Notebook for Wolfgang" and such.  Shorter, less well know pieces, things with a solid motif that can be morphed and remixed and a lot of room to play with.

And so it comes to the idea, I am currently working on a Bela Bartok folk dance piece, and realized it goes very well with an 80s vibe (Think Sunglasses at Night) and that starts leaving the realm of Electronica (even Synthwave/Retrowave) as this is really screaming for real bass and guitar.  I was going to start tracking those this afternoon/evening, and then I thought "It would be a lot more fun to work with some other musicians on this, and will probably turn out a lot more interesting."

So I am looking at taking these classic pieces, re-arranging and turning them in to an 80s pop rock vibe (Not just synth, real drums [e-drums with good samples could work, just not so much electronic though], real bass, real guitar).   Not long jams or solos (although, there will definitely be room for solos in some pieces).   More about motifs and textures but room for some tasty licks (Sunglasses at Night, I Wanna Be a Cowboy).

Any interest in this sort of project?  Would love to work with other people! Current fooling around I have done while exploring and coming up with this idea.

Peter H. Boer

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Re: Seeking Collaborators
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Of course I'm up for laying down bass, stick, doublebass, Taurus, etc.  ;D
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