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Author Topic: NAILED ONE for cheap on EvilBay!!  (Read 353 times)

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NAILED ONE for cheap on EvilBay!!
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Been tracking APP-1 preamps for years on the net hoping that one day I will find one at a decent price.

That happened last night!!!  :whoohoo!:

For less than $200!!!!
Astounding since they always go for waaaayyy over $400.
Actually more like $500+ for some elusive reason.
Do they use titanium/platinum caps and solid gold connectors?
I'm still in Morocco and the thing will arrive home before I will...But some time past mid May I should
be able to cross the US border, get the thing and try it out in person.
I will obviously let you guys know what I think of it. Especially these days where I will have a fairer
comparison point as I purchased and used a lot of OD/dist pedals over the last few years.

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Re: NAILED ONE for cheap on EvilBay!!
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Well if there is one person that can give a good review it's you Chucky !!!!  >:D


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Re: NAILED ONE for cheap on EvilBay!!
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Go Chucky, good score  :thumb-up: .  I think they use "unobtainium" I'd give one a go (with an MP1 Ch in the loop) at a decent price, but they are even more expensive here  :facepalm: .
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