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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Author Topic: dealing with GAS  (Read 28165 times)

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Re: dealing with GAS
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It sounds fine, but the programming isn't very intuitive.  It won't allow you to map presets to a different corresponding MIDI number.  Ex: say you want to hit 2 on your footswitch and it turns on 36 on the DSP128.  Where the Digitech is concerned, 2 selects preset 2 and this CANNOT be changed.  It's automatically mapped 1:1, so if you want a preset to correspond to your button then you have to copy it over to that slot.  The only reason I bought this unit was because my SPX90II crapped out (AGAIN) and I needed a backup reverb!
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Re: dealing with GAS
« Reply #256 on: Time Format »

Chucky - check out this forum for help with your Boston phase:
Thanks for the tip. Never thought of trying to find such a forum.
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