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Author Topic: Any Love For The Digitech Valve FX?  (Read 20224 times)

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Re: Any Love For The Digitech Valve FX?
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Hey Chip, it seems from the manual (simple block diagram) that you can bypass the distortion section (just after the compressor) thus feed in a signal (albeit at inst level) and then just apply effects to it.  The outputs will be line level so you will need to adjust for that.  So depends on how you patch it.  As the input is designed for a guitar, you'll have to be careful not to overload it but it should work.
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Re: Any Love For The Digitech Valve FX?
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I haven't taken much time with this unit to dial anything in or rackmount it, so I'm just using it as a practice amp right now through the effects return of my Spider Valve.  It has some gnarly cleans, all way too overblown for what I need right now, so I'm mostly interested in dumbing it down a bit. 

I see that there are explicit instructions saying NOT to plug in a standard MIDI foot controller into one of the jacks because it'll blow up the unit or something, so I guess I need to search for the Control One if I actually want to use the whammy function.  Anyone know of a workaround?  An adapter, maybe?
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Re: Any Love For The Digitech Valve FX?
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I just had a quick look at the manual and it does have midi in and out. You just have to be carefull not to plug in the midi controller into the footswitch connector since this input uses the same 5 pin connector as midi. So hooking up a midi pedal to the midi in is no problem. It does midi program and control change.
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