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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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Author Topic: Trusty ol' Crate Powerblock  (Read 4652 times)

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Re: Trusty ol' Crate Powerblock
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Will do  :thumb-up:

UPDATE: Just played the MP2 a bit, it is definitely not well. It sounds week and lifeless. The tones are there, but there is a hum, and the tone isn't fully 'opened' it sounds choked, like a gate set too strong. I feel like I better check that ribbon cable Richard mentioned.
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Re: Trusty ol' Crate Powerblock
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Ahhhh the Crate power Blocks, they served me well.  I am selling all mine though.  Sold one already and now selling my second one and later probably my third as I now have a backup to my Rocktron Velocity.
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