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Author Topic: Wah pedal busted?  (Read 1106 times)

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Wah pedal busted?
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A lot of folks may already know this, but for those who don't... If your toe switch is suddenly not working in your Wah pedal, here's something to check:

Old Dunlop wah pedals and Boss wah pedals (and probably a lot more) have this little rubber 'nub' underneath the rocker pedal. That rubber nub contacts a switch in the pedal housing below. If that little rubber thing falls out of it's 'cup' underneath the rocker pedal, you get no love from the toe switch regardless of how hard you stand on that damn pedal.

I recently picked up a Boss V-wah for my 2nd pedal board and had that very problem. I used a wine cork and duct tape to fix it. The original piece is a little bigger than a pencil eraser and only about 1/4" high. I whittled it out of the cork and slapped a small piece of duct tape over it to keep it in place. Works. Wth a bit of adjusting, it works better than the other one I have - haha.
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Re: Wah pedal busted?
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Go Dante  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!: , hey man great tip  :thumb-up:
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