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Author Topic: Herby's attemt @ SS Mod, Noise Mod, MDRT Mod  (Read 17552 times)

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Re: Herby's attemt @ SS Mod, Noise Mod, MDRT Mod
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cool possibly I will work on it today. Kinda funny because I almost added the MDRT but something told me to wait and see what the noise ad SS mod sounded like. Cant wait to see.


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Re: Herby's attemt @ SS Mod, Noise Mod, MDRT Mod
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Well, MDRT gives a nice kick in the ass to makes the overall tone more open and bright, less compressed than with original tranny.
That's a matter of tastes, of course.
I loved original MP-1 tones, but I like a lot how it sounds now with has a lot of punch and it doesn't loose too much on creaminess.
MDRT is a nice improvement, no doubts.

Furthermore, we're not 100% sure that the issue debated in this thread would affect any unit with SS mod, noise mod and MDRT.
We know that at least 2-3 units with same mods have similar, unpredictable, strange behaviors...and we're doing an attempt to go deeper into.
Let's see: as always, every contribution can help!
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