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Harley Hexxe:
Hey Gang,

     I've owned the MB-1 preamp for a number of years now, as many of you are aware of, but today, I just pulled the trigger on the rest of the bass rig.

    I found a B500B on ebay for $276.00 USD, and the matching Bassline HX cabs to go with it. The 2x10 cab is $255.00, and the 1x15 cab is $212.00, so I pulled the trigger on both of those too.

    I feel like I got a good deal on all the missing elements for my bass rig, and now that's resolved. All I need now is a decent 5-String bass to run through it, and we'll see how many windows I can rattle with it :lol:

Hey Harley, excellent  :thumb-up: , that will be an awesome rig, one of the best 5 string deals we found when looking for basses a while ago are the Indonesian Music Man Subs (that's if you want long scale, finding a decent short scale 5 string will be harder I suspect).  The Sub 5 string looks better than the 4 string but above all set up really well (I was pleasantly surprised when I set it up for our bass player) and they sound quite good also.  Here's my initial posts about it (

Peter H. Boer:
 :banana: :banana-guitar: :banana:

You mean "how many windows I can destroy with it"  ;D

Harley Hexxe:
Hey Richard,
   I was actually looking at a Sterling Ray 5, which is about half the price of a MusicMan Stingray, but I was also looking at those SUB basses too. Also, another consideration is the Traben Array Attack 5.

    I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

    MJMP, I think I might crumble the cinder blocks in the foundation :lol:


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