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Author Topic: Strange, Interesting, Weird Effects  (Read 2712 times)

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Strange, Interesting, Weird Effects
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This would include primarily rack stuff I guess, but I'll not scoff at pedals...

I have just picked up a lovely old Line 6 Filter Pro and it's awesomely strange and aggressive, but can be toned down for some really awesome subtle swells and stuff... with my Lexicon MPX-G2 and the Filter, I can get some really crazy and lovely stuff...

Some folks on another forum suggested these:

Nord Modular
Lexicon Vortex (which has a bunch of the same things as my MPX-G2)
Roger Linn AdrenaLinn Pedal (which I know nothing about)

What do the ADA'ers say?
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Re: Strange, Interesting, Weird Effects
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Pigtronix does some very cool analog pedal stuff.
The Mothership is a nifty analog synth with tons of controls.
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Re: Strange, Interesting, Weird Effects
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Well I will most certainly will not scoff at pedals...most of my weird stuff consists of pedals.

My two FuzzHugger pedals, the Phantom Arcade and AB Synth can do octave glitch and oscillation that can be varied and manipulated with a guitar's tone and volume controls.  They even do a killswitch impersonation with the right instrument and control-pickup combination with just the volume knob.

I will stay away from effect pedal combinations as there is too much to tell.
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Re: Strange, Interesting, Weird Effects
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I think with the Line 6 Filter Pro you'll get all the weird effect that you want jeje... but I wouldn't find much use for it in my rig I think since I don't need to get those sounds.
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