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MPC vs MC-1 with MP-1

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   Pros vs Cons? I'm gonna find of em. Thanks.

I haven't owned or even tried an MPC, but I did have an MC-1 at one time.

It is very long, and it wouldn't fit in my rackcase at the time for easy transport.
It didn't have separate Bank Up and Bank Down buttons.....there is a Bank Up button and that must be pressed with the "0" button at the same time to Bank Down. 

Other than that I found it worked fine.  I sometimes had trouble pressing only one button at a time with my foot though.  lol

Like Kim said, the MC-1 is quite long but on the other hand all the buttons are next to each other.

   Does the MPC work seamlessly for the MP-1? If I'm not mistaken, wasn't that built for the Quad amp thing?

...and thank you.


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