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Author Topic: Another pawn shop V1.38 find  (Read 732 times)

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Systematic Chaos

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Another pawn shop V1.38 find
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The Tokyo metropolitan area is crammed with "Book-Off", "Hard-Off", "2nd Street",... pawn shops.
And its in one of those shops I just found an MP-1 marked as "junk item" for 3.000JPY (26 US $).
Cosmetically this is the absolute opposite of "coming from a smoke free environment". Man, this thing must have been in a chainsmokers cubicle for the last 30 years.
Anyway, took it home plugged it in the power outlet and flipped the switch....nothing. Did it again and it there it was. C1 through C128, Err1 through Err3, program #1 flashing. Hit Edit and dialed in some settings...tadaa...all good. Empty battery.
The jacks all have some corrosion (cosmetically) and there`s an audible hum, but that's just a "mechanical" hum coming from the tranny. Soundwise theres almost no noise/hum and boy does this one sound good.
Opend the top and found 2 National 12AX7/ECC83 Yugoslavia Long Plate tubes. These are rebranded pre-war yugoslavian Ei tubes manufactured on the old Telefunken machines.
Some contact cleaner on the Output pot and some in the jacks - all good.
Battery will be socketed/replaced and I´ll maybe do the noise mod (although it clearly doesn't need it noise-wise; so I´ll give it some new PSU filter caps and the Diode for starters and then I´ll see from there....)

Anyone noticed that the display on the V1.38 top switch unit is bigger than on the later V2?!?
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Re: Another pawn shop V1.38 find
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Hey SC great score  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!: , that container is getting full LoL.
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Re: Another pawn shop V1.38 find
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Wauw 26$, how do you do it  :facepalm:
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