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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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Author Topic: New Tubes Advice  (Read 80963 times)

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Re: New Tubes Advice
« Reply #180 on: Time Format »

Sounds like a good combination  :thumb-up:
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Re: New Tubes Advice
« Reply #181 on: Time Format »

I too use a TAD, though it's the RT001 (IIRC), as v1 in my MP-2, and a NOS Philips ECC83 in v2 pos.
The RT001 is a bit edgy and serves to brighten the pre-gain tone, while the Philips is more full-bodied and serves to round-off as a finalizer.
I would probably choose a Mullard reissue as v2 if/when the Philips goes to vacuum heaven.

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