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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Author Topic: Wires for Speakers  (Read 2299 times)

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Wires for Speakers
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Hey all!

I have found a lovely old beat up Marshall 1960av cab with no speakers as a project to have as a stereo companion to my newly loaded Green/Creamback 1960av cab...

The only thing I need (besides speakers!!!) is a bit of speaker wires for the inside with the non-soldered/clip on ends... where can I find these?  I looked on Stewart-Macdonald, but can't seem to locate what I need!

Help a brother out?

- Adam
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Re: Wires for Speakers
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You can get speaker wire almost anywhere, Adam. Nothing fancy or special about it.  Heck even Mal-Wart and Sadio Rhack has it.  As far as the actual terminals go, if you use the cheap. crimp-on style LIKE THESE (also available at those big box stores) you're going to want to first strip the insulation off those so you can get a reliable crimp on them.  Soldering them as well might be better too.  But if you get terminals LIKE THESE, they are worthy and need no soldering if crimped properly. There's a SPECIAL TOOL for those better terminals, which I do have.
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Re: Wires for Speakers
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Have no comments on the clips.
WRT wires, as long as we're talking about such short length as in a box, no need to buy yourself poor.
However, avoid thin electrics (0-75) wire; use at least 1.5 square.
I always stay away from PVC isolated wire because the di-electrics (speeleng?) of the insulation can affect higher frequencies.
Get something with Teflon or poly-whatever-it's-named insulation. (I just love shiny Poly-Esther 8) )


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Re: Wires for Speakers
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Just get some 1.5mm² or 15 AWG wire in black and red color and use a drill to twist the wires to give it a better look inside.
For me personally I don't like using terminals.I always solder my wires.


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Re: Wires for Speakers
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I use either 15 amp or 20 amp power cable (just cut off the outside insulation if you want separate bits), cheap easy works well
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