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Author Topic: Fun, innint? Oldest guitar the best..  (Read 1206 times)

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van Sinn

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Nope, this isn't about 'in the good old days they made them better' ;)
It's simply that for some years I haven't really played my early 70's Dan Armstrong; just had it leaning against the wall..
And guess what.. I take it up again - and rediscover it's qualities.

It has had it's head broken, was modded mid 80's with a MightyMite ToM'n'Tail and a three coil Motherbucker, and it's simply got the best tone of 'em all.
Definitely a keeper - now that I'm selling all the others instruments.
I now play it a lot in drop-D, mostly finger style, and will add a drop tuner to flip it up'n'down on the fly, oh yeah.
I'll see if I can locate a pic of it..
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