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Author Topic: Re: Rig Pix MXC Pedal CC Control of MP2 & MB1  (Read 5654 times)

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Re: Rig Pix MXC Pedal CC Control of MP2 & MB1
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That's because each patch has already got 4 parameters assigned (the fixed ones), which only leaves you 4 (of the 8 available for any patch) to play with and you assigned them to the 2 inputs and 2 masters (4) so none left hence error.

The 2 masters (tube/SS) are already assigned via Pattern (P) 9, so make sure P9 has the CC controller number for your pedal assigned (#31 in my MXC). This does both master vols and keeps their relative settings to one another. This will give you 2 slots back. Unless you want them to be separate in which case you may need to re purpose the fixed pallets.
I've not tried this but the notes say that on a patch by patch basis you can alter the fixed Pallets (6, 7, 8 & 9) but they still apply to every other patch (which hasn't been modified locally).
So if you wanted to re purpose P6 (loop A toggle) P7 (Loop B toggle), P8 (chorus toggle) or P9 (I'd leave this one alone, it seems to have a special connection to the master vols), then you can, but just for that patch. This should make the sysex dump interesting LoL.. And you can do all this and more in the MP2... scary.
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