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Author Topic: Muddy/Mushy bass - HELP!!  (Read 4398 times)

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Re: Muddy/Mushy bass - HELP!!
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I like this site. You guys are great.
Tubes first. See what happens.
Thanks for the advice. I'm not much of an electronics dabbler. I've wired guitars and done simple pedal mods but nothing like tearing into an amp or preamp. That said, the prospect does not scare me... much.

[edit] I found something very helpful in this thread
He set his EQ up like this: Master 6.0 / Bass 9 / Mid -12 / Treble 0 / Presence -8. I tried it and found out something I had forgotten over the years. Mids and presence will kill articulation in an MP1. This jogged my memory from the 90's when I used the MP1 religiously. I recalled a couple of settings I used to use for specific things. For kick butt Marshall type rock chords and medium to slow solos I set my bass up, mids up, treble scooped, presence maxed. Great woody Marshall tone. For quicker solos and good articulation I set my bass up, mids scooped, trebel up, and presence scooped. Great for fast riffing. I forgot all this in the intervening years from 2002 to 2012 (my hiatus years). I just purchased a Boogie 2 fifty almost brand new off Ebay for 550. No marks and used for only a couple hours. I guess the previous owner didn't like the way the boogie amp colored the sound. Not a problem for me though  :)   MP1 Tubes still on my list. Replacing them tomorrow. Going to try JJ ecc83s first.

The description of the mods is not really that helpful. There are holes in the descriptions. I'm thinking that I will probably need a mod for the frequency response for lows and mids more than amything. Maybe a refurbish mod to replace old parts with new ones.... caps and transformer???
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Re: Muddy/Mushy bass - HELP!!
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Hey hg (Hmm maybe I should call you Mercury LoL), the JJs should work well and they are a reasonably "tight" tube.
I was going to suggest you check out DJCs threads, seems you found them yourself  :thumb-up: .  He didn't like the boogie power amp colour and now uses a Marshall power amp.
The noise mod and a MDRT is a good place to start.
Maybe start a new thread (Pimp my MP1 or whatever ) so we can all chime in as you go.  And maybe also do a post in Introduce Yourself ( and tell us what gear you have, playing style etc  :wave:
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Re: Muddy/Mushy bass - HELP!!
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the way you ran the tube screamer wasn't they way I would have run it,

I tried putting a tube screamer in front. I pulled down the gains to about 3 and ran the screamer @ around 75%. I also pulled down the EQs to zero except the mids which I ran @ -4. Ran a parametric in the effects loop set at +3db @ 80hz medium band. -3db @ 3.35khz wide band. +3db @ 4.25khz wide band.... seemed to get me close to where I want to be but still not tight enough for my taste. It's been years since I stopped using the MP1 and I don't recall why but this flubby bass problem may be the reason I retired it...

I would have ran it at

Tube Screamer
overdrive: 0%  (or as low as you can get it)
tone: 50%

Then stick that in front of a hi-gain MP1 patch (obviously modify it with the EQ to suite the new characteristics the pedal introduces)

I find anything with any pedal in way of it's own gain to suck ASS.  That's why an EQ works good in front as MJMP has suggested in the boost thread on here.
So I make my MP1 do most of the work and literally add the "3rd dimension" using the boost
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