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So after a holiday with MJMP, my 2 MB1s are now up and going, one has JJs in it the other had some Marshall branded tubes, I had 2 spare Boogie SPAX7s (JJs) which are now in it. I'll try some Mullards soon.  Being a long time MP1/2 user, one thing I had to do was read the manual, the MB1 is similar in some was but very different in others.
Today I picked up a Carvin DCM200L and a Mesa PowerHouse 1x12 (with horn) cab (Chamai's GAS is catching  :facepalm: ). So nice compact rig that has chance of fitting in the car.  So I running it:
Alembic BBSB4> MB1 > Desk (+TC MOne del/rev) > Desk subgroup 4 > DCM200L (bridged mode 200w - 8ohms) > Mesa PH 1x12 cab.  Sounds very nice so far, I'll have to wait until the sun comes up to crank it a bit..
Very much liking the MB1, it's a great preamp  :thumb-up: and goes very well with the Alembic (and vis versa).

Nice !

Sweet!  :thumb-up:

Excellent! That Carvin is one transparent power amp! :thumb-up:

Hey Soloist, it's a very nice amp (I hadn't heard one before but knew you liked them  :thumb-up: and they looked good on paper etc), and nice and lite  :whoohoo!: . So now to build a bass rack.  I've been toying with the idea of combining the guitar rack and the bass rack, then I just have to plug the MB1 into the mixer.  Also thinking about getting a 1RU line mixer like your Alesis.  Currently I have a small Yamaha AM802 velcroed to the bottom of the rack, works well but isn't ideal space wise, lucky I don't have to get at the knobs very often LoL.

The Mesa PH 1x12 is a nice cab.  Also good size and not to heavy to lug.


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