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Author Topic: looking for less unwated noise  (Read 3515 times)

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looking for less unwated noise
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Just got off of you tube, watched everything posted on the MP-1 Mods, I have saved all the mod downloads from the past forum, and after reviewing, there is still to much noise before and after the mods in both the 3.666 mod, and in the filtering out of the suspected component parts mod, (noise mod) to use for my Hammond Organ, the problem for me with the MP-1 has been the inherent trade off of when boosting the tubes to the point of it’s own over distortion ability amplifying it’s own failure to stay clean without unwanted signals, two things happen, the first is any unwanted signal that finds it’s way into the circuits gets boosted, the guitars crappy pots, badly grounded effects and their unwanted signals, the second is in the tubes of today are not the best for the job, and the chosen tubes and their circuitry are going to produce this unwanted signal when boosted past their potential to produce a clean desirable distortion no mater what is done, like noise suppression, as soon as you reach the presents level, the noise could be loader than the volume of the note you would like to play softer than so you set the level higher, and you may like your note to decay to nothing but the noise brakes in before this or quits altogether, but when the background noise is so annoying that it just sucks to play or to just turn it on, I guess we all have different levels of how much we can take, but I quit paying when someone else’s rig is doing this, they can go play in someone else’s band, and it coming from my organ would make me sick, and there’s 16 tubes in there, I know each one like little babies or something, show me on you tube a clean overdriven setting and let me hear the noise, and what it does that’s not wanted, so I can get an idea, with my guitar that makes no noise, $25 pots and EMP’S, I just can’t stand the MP-1, I kept it anyway, I would like to make it work and have a dirty overdriven tone wheel screaming bloody murder, Charlie.
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