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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Author Topic: Stopping snare rattle and other stupid drum noises  (Read 7389 times)

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Wauw never saw this before


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Ok well if I am honest neither have I.  But I read the fix about it a few years back not knowing exactly what was inside.

The guy we had up helping eliminate noises and with tuning told me the spring was inside.  I was surprised as I never knew this, I guess I didn't know what was inside lugs so there you go!  I think this guy is very into and hands on with his drums so he knew it was inside, he seems to like dismantling and reassembling drums  :lol:.  He had a hard time tracing the noise.  Our drummer kept saying it's coming from here there and everywhere, where as I was definitive that it was the 2nd rack tom, and the drum guy agreed.  The noise isn't really going to affect recording but I think it's well worth dampening this rattle when we get the chance.

edit:  Here is a whole thread about that very issue
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