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Author Topic: Pro's Pedal Boards  (Read 2762 times)

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Pro's Pedal Boards
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one of Joe's pedal boards
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Re: Pro's Pedal Boards
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This is why God invented rack gear (IMO LoL) but there are many ways to skin a cat as they say.
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Re: Pro's Pedal Boards
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This is why God invented rack gear (IMO LoL) but there are many ways to skin a cat as they say.

Pedals are nice but they just can't beat rack gear.


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Re: Pro's Pedal Boards
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AFAIK Joe has never been much of a rack gear fan; he briefly used Rockman gear in his early days.  His Chickenfoot pedal board is pretty bare: only a few effects.
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Re: Pro's Pedal Boards
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I finally got to see Saint Vitus a few months ago, after what.....25 or 30 years or so?   :headbanger: 
Dave Chandler always had this strange (to me anyway) brooding, french horn-like guitar sound that I just could never quite figure out how it was done.  Whenever I'd try to figure that out I'd get close, but not quite all the way there.
Well, I got a closeup pic of his pedalboard and actually got to meet him and talk a bit with him after the show.  He told me there was no real secret to his sound....what you see on the pedalboard boosting into a cranked JCM800 100watt stack with the highs rolled back.  There you go.  If you haven't experienced a 100 watt Marshall JCM800 full stack cranked all the way up, you would not believe how f**king LOUD THIS REALLY IS.  I was at the very front of the stage and barely made it through the first song before I had to install my earplugs! :o   The part I missed all these years was the boosting into an already overdriven amp.  I hear it now and can't believe I didn't recognize that before.  :facepalm:

Attached is my pic of his pedalboard; you can clearly see the signal routing and zoom in on the knob settings.  I also have a very short mp4 vid I took but at 52MB it's still too big to attach.
EDIT:   Link to the short video:
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