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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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Author Topic: How do "you" connect your rack gear together  (Read 2791 times)

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I though I'd start this post as the issue came up recently with my friend who I sold my original MP1 rig to.  He's chaining it together (ie MP1 > TC G major > B200s).  Unfortunately, as the MP1's effects loop is mono he can't use it and retain stereo with the TC.  The down side of this setup IMHO is that the first thing the TC does at it's inputs is A/D the signal so there goes the lovely analogue  :'(  This whole issue is further exacerbated when you have multiple rack effects etc.  In the old days (like the early TC delays (ala The Edge from U2)) they had an analogue pass through and mixed the digital signal back into the signal path.  It seems more recent gear performs an A/D conversion up front like the G major.  I get around this by using a small 8 channel mixer with 3 effects sends so connect it the same as you would a PA (sends 1 & 2 to Alesis Quadverb (L/R) and send 3 to my Digitec IPS33 smart shift returning to 4 channels) and I also use the MP2's stereo effects loop to connect a Midverb 4 (coz I've only got 3 sends on that desk).  Along with preserving the analogue tube signal, it's much easier to get your gain structure and effect levels right with this method.
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Re: How do "you" connect your rack gear together
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My Quadraverb runs through the FX loop of my MP2 in STEREO :banana:.

My GX-700 & MP1 Classic are running the 4 Cable Method (4CM).

My TCE Nova System is running in a mock 4CM with the Mesa combo, I say mock because the Nova System doesn't have an FX loop...
Guitar Out > Tuner Input
Tuner Output > Mesa FX Return
Mesa FX Send > Nova Input
Nova Output > Mesa Input

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