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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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Author Topic: MP1 Channel clips  (Read 9892 times)

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Re: MP1 Channel clips
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I feel to many younger players today get stuck in the amp modelers, Line 6 HD500, Kempler ect. While they sound awesome for recording they lack that tube amp feel when used live. I know cause I have tried them. As rabidgerry says they are pretty soulless. Many older guitarist I know and most pros still use rack rigs. I could see ADA's latest offering having a place in a some guitarist arsenal however just not in mine. That's just my preference though.
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Re: MP1 Channel clips
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Hey Soloist, +1  :thumb-up: and maybe a salient/applicable metaphor is that most new guitarist learn to tune their instrument with a guitar tuner these days. I had a tuning fork and a pitch pipe when I started... The danger of modeling amps (in some ways) is they make it to easy to sound "ok(ish)" and the player doesn't have to learn to play properly. Hey modeling amps have their place, I don't have one, MP2 works great for me.
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