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Author Topic: 2fx unit delay & chorus issues  (Read 836 times)

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2fx unit delay & chorus issues
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Any digital guru's out there? Has anyone every aligned a 2fx or repaired one?

I have a 2fx unit with the following issue. When I sustain a single note for example, I hear what sounds like a breath under the note. I've realigned the unit twice per service manual, and the checked the digital tracking. The Flange/Chorus goes up & down together, the Delay makes small jumps up & down as you increase & decrease the input level. I have 2 units and they both track the same. I was hearing the same "breath" sound on the Chorus too. I'd hit a few octave notes together and as it trailed off you'd hear the under laying anomaly sound. In a recording it will pick up that anomaly note.

I have replaced the Delay memory chips & 1.0 uf tant caps. I'm thinking of just trying tweek T4 to T3 & T7 to T6 just to see if there's a sweet spot to get rid of it other than getting the 2 levels the same. I Know the manual says to adjust slightly below for the Flange & I did that and also made the levels equal too. I also undated to Revision F on both units (A & C).

Unit sounds great otherwise, hope it's not just the nature of the beast with ADA units.

Anyone's input for discussion is welcomed.


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Re: 2fx unit delay & chorus issues
« Reply #1 on: Time Format »

Well I repaired a few of these. And I have to repair mine, delay isn't working anymore.
Do you have some soundclips?
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