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Author Topic: JCM 800  (Read 5272 times)

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Harley Hexxe

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Re: JCM 800
« Reply #15 on: Time Format »

3TM = 3 Tube Modded MP-1.

If you are using less gain these days, then you don't want a 3TM. It takes the hottest gain settings on the MP-1 and injects them with Hyper-Steroids! It will peel the paint off your ceiling.
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Re: JCM 800
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for me, i really like having power amp distortion. as long as the pre amp has a bit of gain. cranking the crap out of the power section of my jcm 800 really gives it a modded jcm 800 sound.

mp1 with el34 power amp is my fav. gives you that marshall bite

tried 6l6's kt66's. tons of low end and more hi fi, but no bite.
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