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Author Topic: Randall MTS RT 2/50 Power Amp  (Read 3391 times)

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Randall MTS RT 2/50 Power Amp
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Anyone else have any experience with the Randal MTS RT 2/50 power amp?  This power amp was totally off my radar until about a month ago, when I happened to see one on Ebay while I was searching for a power amp to mate up with my MP2.  Did a little digging on it, and it really intrigued me.  Did a little searching around, didn't find many for sale and then I'm checking Craigslist earlier this week and one just happens to pop up within 100 miles of the house.  Managed to do a little trading with the fellow, and took it home.

It's basically a 50 watt stereo, or 100 watt bridged all tube power amp but what makes it interesting to me is that you can run EL34's on one side and 6L6's on the other.  In fact, that's how it ships from the factory.  It has test points and bias adjustment right on the front panel, so you can pretty much use whatever combo of tube pairs or quads that you wanted to within the same family (5881's, 6550's, 6CA7's, KT77's).  Assuming the bias swing is wide enough, that is.. I haven't tried it out yet, but the owners manual lists several different tubes with their mV settings.

Anyone else ever use one of these?  The original owner said he used an MP1 with it in his rack, and loved it.

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Re: Randall MTS RT 2/50 Power Amp
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I didnt know this power amp either but I have a question, is the midi channel switching just to sellect it to be from mono to stereo? Dont see much use to that...
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Re: Randall MTS RT 2/50 Power Amp
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El, I think that's the purpose of it.. yes.   From what I've gathered researching it online, it was meant to be paired up withe Randall RM4 and then the different plug and play modules from the RM4 and channels from the RT 2/50 could be selected via midi as some kind of "patch". 

I would imagine that a similar setup may be achieved with the MP's midi switching capability, but to be honest.. I'm pretty much midi ignorant, and all this will be a learning experience for me.
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