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Title: Could use advise
Post by: van Sinn on May 26, 2017, 06:15:25 AM
Very briefly:
I have till Friday 2nd to locate a new place to live.
How the .... does one find an affordable place during tourist season..

It's more than just frustrating. After the exodus from the apartment, I was granted the legal early-heritage from the old lady, but she and her bank cleric wanted to manage me, so I would have to follow their idea of signing up to social benefits, and ask for the alotted money in chunks. They don't understand that social benefits in this country is actually a loan from state that can be demanded paid back, and also means signing on to being managed.

Also, my mom wouldn't let me stay long enough to resolve issues and finish arranging the right camber I actually had on my hands at that time. At half of the alotted money, I could've had a cash paid spacious LMC LX-570 camber on a full-year arrangement, prepaid for a full year, hooked up to electricity, water and outlet, and enough left over to handle my situation well into autumn, with my stuff collected, so I'd have clothes and the ability to sell my gear and look for job.
I basically had to flee her spacious apartment in panic and rent an expensive cabin on a camping site.

All of this also later prevented me from acting on deals on campers when the few useful ones were available.
I had to pay expensively for the transit cabin I've lived in for now three month, digging too deep into the finances to allow buying a camper by now, plus of course, all full-year slots are now gone.

I wash with a sponge, only have the same clothes I wear (got extra socks and underwear), have a fully f*cked up foot due to this continued stress, preventing me from walking distances, so likewise can't go job seeking.

I'm out of ideas. In a week, I'll be on the streets again, or live in a tent. No way I'll be able to land a job under these conditions.
I can't even empty the attic room with my remaining belongings to get them sold, and I can't keep it there anyways, so I'll likely have to rent a car, go empty the room and drive past the music stores to get it sold at whichever low price offered.  If even they'll buy it..
What's not sold that same day will simply be offloaded to the reuse center, instruments, gear, tools and all else.

I'm close to simply give up. Any ideas are welcome...
Title: Re: Could use advise
Post by: van Sinn on June 04, 2017, 08:08:56 AM
Yeah, I know it ain't easy to come up with useful comments on situations like mine.
Had to pay tourist price per night for another week; damned expensive.
So, still looking for room or apartment; maybe it'll be a teepee tent summer over..
You think the owner, after three month rent, would let me have a couple more weeks at same price? Nope.
I tried to explain my situation, and the answer was simply, "I just don't care."
Heartless, total lack of empathy, and merely about making cool cash off tourists and the unlucky.
Title: Re: Could use advise
Post by: MarshallJMP on June 04, 2017, 02:39:15 PM
Van I'm really sorry to hear this. Some people are so ....
Title: Re: Could use advise
Post by: van Sinn on June 05, 2017, 02:09:26 AM
Dudes and dudettes, I know ya'll read my vendetta against inequality and mechanisms in society carried by people suffering from incurable social psychopathy.
Like I wrote, what the f... does one say to such things.
I just occasionally write these follow-ups partly to let ya'll know I'm still alive, and partly to get it off my chest.

I'm thinking of buying a warn-out car/truck in discreet faded colors, live in it summer over, park it at night somewhere not seen by police or parking "guards".
There are publicly accessible toilets on the beach, so I can dump the crap.
Cleaning my body can be done with a swim in the sea.
Foods can be partially mitigated using the technique of Sun-gazing (careful, read the instructions).
A single solar panel on the roof is enough to power my laptop; buying two panels might even be enough to run a low-power Bitcoin hashing machine - there's always the hashing lottery, you know...
Crash-in with the Sun, get up before first light, and I'll need just one LED light.

It's such practical survival suggestions I'm hunting for.
Comments?  C'mon, let you imagination run wild.. ;)
Title: Re: Could use advise
Post by: Peter H. Boer on June 05, 2017, 04:50:55 AM
I cannot help you with any suggestions Van Sinn, I never been (nor had the need to be) a survival type.

I do know that I've had 2 families living in my street that needed to go into 'debt sanitizing' whioch, here in Holland, means you have someone control all your money for 3 years, after that the remaining debt is scrapped. It is hard but both failies surviced.
DOn't know the details what futher restrictions (outside there being no control over your own money, except for the pocket money you get) they had to live up to though.

Title: Re: Could use advise
Post by: van Sinn on June 05, 2017, 11:15:42 AM
Yeah, I know of such debt sanitizing schemes; thanks for the reminder ;)
However, although my debt is considerable for me, it isn't enough that I can apply for such a scheme - which BTW runs over five years here in DK, plus I can't apply unless I have a job to show that I'm doing something in an attempt to handle my economy.

Actually, I mostly have a plan on how to most likely be able to get out of the debt- death-slavery, but I'll need a place to stay and register address for ~1½-2 month; the time I expect needed for the implementation.
I don't feel like talking about the plan, other than it involves detailed knowledge of both dk law and international contract/trade/banking laws, and about the fraudulent nature of loan arrangements.

So, my asking for ideas are very much about practical ways of making it summer over.
The problem with buying and living in a car/truck is where the fck to have the needed registered address and likewise get mail resent to..

Well.. I've survived skydiving, rolling an offroader down a cliff in Turkey, free-diving with heart troubles and shallow-water blackout - even abusive women! :lol:  I'll make it this time too..
Title: Re: Could use advise
Post by: MikeB on June 05, 2017, 01:53:08 PM
Hey Van,
Looks like it's not getting any better. You've mentioned the need for a registered address a couple of times and also referred to your mother who you can't physically stay with. Will she at least let you use her address?
Title: Re: Could use advise
Post by: van Sinn on June 06, 2017, 12:46:25 AM
Ah, nope. The old lady rents an apartment and receives a help to the rent, so me registering address there would create problems with her benefits, plus, were this to take place over longer time, she could risk getting her pension reduced - Dear Lady Pensioner, your pension has been reduced, as you're renting out space for your son.
Living in Denmark has become tantamount to living in absurdistan.

Another example: A couple lives together, one becomes unemployed but cannot receive social benefits; the other one must provide for the unemployed one. For this reason, many couples have each an apartment with separate addresses and then rent out one of them, so that they officially don't live together.

And an example of my qualm with arranging a suitable scheme:
I could rent a tent spot here on the camping site, but this too isn't exactly cheap.
Whatever.. arranging this with a cheap igloo tent as pro-forma accommodation, which includes ac power, I could then simply buy a car/truck and live in that, complete with wired up to the ac, but.. I'm not allowed to park the car next to the tent! Sheez kebab.

I then asked the owner if I could rent a fixed autocamper slot for a truck I'd adopt into a proverbial autocamper, but nope, she claims all slots are pre-occupied or sold, despite one slot is always left free (my hut is situated on this same dirt road, so I know what's going on).
She don't care; I tried to explain my situation and merely got, "I don't even care about that".  It's tourist season with money coming in, so even after renting expensively for three month, there's no such thing as empathy for the wickedly lost soul.

I think my best option is buying that car/truck, arrange a solar panel on the top luggage holder, connected to a battery for powering laptop and stuff, slab a yoga mat and sleeping bag in the back, 'forget' to re-register address, and rent a box address for my mail and have it re-routed there.
This won't work as a longer-term strategy, but it'll do till around mid-september, while leaving me with cheaper transportation than using the public system.
Plus it'll allow getting my stuff off the attic room and getting the unneeded remains sold.

Whatever happens, you cannot say my life is boring ;)
But I'm getting fcking tired of awakening late night with the concept of Smith&Wesson, The Original Point&Click Interface flashing through the positronic pathways. Good for me I've studied psychology too.. :lol:
Title: Re: Could use advise
Post by: Samuraipanda on June 06, 2017, 05:50:56 AM
Any chance that you could work part time for the campsite in exchange for free or lowered rent? If it's the tourist season maybe the campsite owner could use some help?
Title: Re: Could use advise
Post by: van Sinn on June 07, 2017, 07:19:56 AM
Yeah, I thought of that, but the owner has people already living here hired.
Also, the tourist season may per definition be in progress, but the weather we're having here includes storms, near-torrential rains and cold like it was autumn, so not that many tourist other than a medium flow of autocampers.

I do have money to live here for a while, but it'll drain the sparse resources as it's now at tourist prices.
I'll probably do it for another two weeks while arranging some jurisdictional stuff, and then bail out to more affordable corners of the seven seas.

My earlier plan with living in a truck will be too expensive WRT building it up with solar panels, casette toilet, micro kitchen and insulation; plus I'd still need to sign-in to a camping site, partly to have an address and partly as law prevents parking living spaces on wheels at random places.

This country.. :facepalm:  Back in the days I had a postal address at a post office near my job for two years, nada problemas, but now it's so difficult arranging anything for those of us getting our asses in trouble.

See my problems?  I just wish to do a creative arrangement for a period of time to resolve my issues, but law here has changed to fully support the concept of "the government knows when you masturbate."

Already though of importing a wife from Asia with the family sourcing money for getting her to better conditions; becoming a gigolo; extracting gold smoulders from stones off the beach; inventing a high efficiency micro-stove for campers; a new way of influencing high-bandwith frequent-trading software on the stock exchanges; creating a media outlet on a cellphone wearing just jacket and tie and naked undercarriage, to spread crap about the end of days to make people invest in stuff that'll implode later so I can reap the fruits and get stinkin' rich overnight.
Man, my pineal is working overtime and growing by the day; I can feel the pressure inside my head ;)

But keep your ideas flowing, folks; suddenly I'll be able to add two plus two and end up with 4.6 on the Richter scale.
Title: Re: Could use advise
Post by: van Sinn on June 07, 2017, 07:24:12 AM
Just had a chat with Black Adder.
At least someone in the future can read my babble and say, "this is how you gown in pain and agony while keeping your black humor intact."