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Need a Schematic? Check the Vault *MP-1 Classic Schematics Just Added!!

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Started by davidfugler - Last post by Chamai
Tube power more makes a hue difference. Try going for a mesa power amp instead. 6l6 sounds nice and thick with less midrange.

The secret with great distortion is adding an equal pedal up front. Reverse smile face on the eq pedal and put the levels and it. Cutting bass and treble and boosting mids gives the distortion more clarity. You can also up the bass on your mp1 without the bass sounding flubby. Think mesa amps. A lot of people cut bass and upping the bass using the onboard eq instead. 

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Started by davidfugler - Last post by davidfugler
thanks, I'll do these suggestions. The Hafler is a ss stereo power amp. Been using that since my b200s died back in 1995. It still sounds good with the mp2, but I'm also trying to find a good tube power amp. peavy 50/50 is too midrange heavy for my taste, and a carvin tube 100 I just got is too top heavy, but maybe mod able somehow. I put a post in the non ada amp section about the tube 100, that I also need help with.

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Started by Chamai - Last post by Chip Roberts
You think that's bad?  My GAS kicked in and I tracked down an old Roland GP8 AND Yamaha SPX90 at Trading Musician!  Thankfully I have a couple paying gigs coming up soon, so maybe if the crowds are big enough, then shopping spree?

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Started by davidfugler - Last post by davidfugler
I tried some 6L6 tubes in a Carvin tube 100, and the lowest bias I could get was 48 milliamps . I'm wondering if there's a resister I can change, to get that lower? I read a lot of really good reviews on the Tung-sol 7581A, so I'm trying those. Also, I'm wondering how short the life of the tubes would be if I try leaving it as is? Thanks

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Started by Chamai - Last post by rabidgerry
Latest GAS

Gallien Krueger 2100CPL
Rockman Distortion Generator

and as of today!

Peavey Classic 50/50

Do I need that amp  :???:

Nope I have two fine power amp that are ample for my needs.  Why buy the Peavey  :???:

GAS  :facepalm:  Could be more trouble than it's worth, has 12 tubes!

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Started by MikeB - Last post by rnolan
Hey Mike, good news  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!: it all works.  Nothing like a good clean.  Also those original tubes are still going strong.The side by side comparison will be interesting, probably easiest to do at my place and use one of the mixers  :dunno: . I've also got a A/B, A+B switch to switch the inputs.
This also brings up the question do 117v US models sound better than the 230v equivalent?  I say this because my US MP2 and US MP1 both sound so sweet.  Anyway we will no doubt chat at length about it LoL.

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Started by MikeB - Last post by MikeB
First run was a bit stressful, because one channel was intermittent and seemed to be affected by chorus settings. Pots and jacks were scratchy. Richard and I ended up with the opinion that it really needed a good clean before coming to any conclusions.
Post-clean, I ran it through a headphone amp so I wouldn't disturb my wife who was watching her stories.  The headphone amp then started having intermittent one channel problems (what is this? A conspiracy?). So yesterday I substituted it into my main rig and it sounds awesome!  :headbanger:
I'm going to set up a system so that I can do a definitive side-by-side comparison. My initial feeling is that this one may actually have what it takes to be numero uno. Not sure how I feel about that.

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Started by davidfugler - Last post by MarshallJMP
The hafler, is that a power amp or a true guitar amp?

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Started by Chucky - Last post by Chucky
Controls seem fine, apart from one thing, Autoclean.  Chucky what is this supposed to do?
Basically it turns your volume up while turning down the volume knob to get less gain on distortion settings.
To mimmick a "clean" tone while remaining on the distorted channel...and keep being heard in the mix.
Pretty cool idea actually.

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Started by MikeB - Last post by Dante

Way to go, Mike. Now, don't be too surprised if it doesn't sound exactly like your 'main' rig. Just work with whatcha got, pure tubey goodness  :thumb-up:

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