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Need a Schematic? Check the Vault *MP-1 Classic Schematics Just Added!!

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rabidgerry
Yes all is good.

Now it's time for some modding!!

A major amazing development has also taken place.  Some JJ Cryogenic tubes that I originally got inside when I bought my 3TM turned out to be the perfect tubes for the Rockmaster.  The touch sensitivity is amazing.  The perfect feel for me, like liquid.  And the tone is excellent as well.  Funny I thought those tubes where shit, I've not had much luck with JJ's and I have been rolling a lot of tubes in and out of that Rockmaster recently (which is how broke the switch in the first place).

So now I know to buy those tubes again from Watford valves (who sell them).  Lets see though if we can get a little more low end into the Rockmaster with a few mods.  Those tubes also improved the low end as well.  Probably the right amount for recording with to be honest.

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Started by bunkyloo - Last post by Zilthy
I loved it.  Crue is probably my number one favorite, and their music was the first I learned on guitar.  Although at the time I didn't know anything about detuning, and to this day I still play all their stuff in standard tuning with awkward stretches at times.  It did make me think of something though.  When I was young I sure wanted to play in a band like that and party like that.  Now when I look at it, I think I sure am glad I never did, nor could afford that lifestyle.  I would be dead for sure.

As far as how they treated women, I do have mixed feelings about it as a woman myself.  I get it, but I don't think it's as black and white as people try to make it on either side.   Well, I suppose there is Steel Panther for those who want that atmosphere still.

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Started by Davide - Last post by Davide
Hi everyone,
this is my first post here :)
My MP-1 Classic has a strange problem: the S.S. channel works like a charm, the tube ones (clean, brown and dist) not so much.
The dist at least has got some good level of volume: but I've to put the OD1, OD2 and Master at high level and the sound is not so distorted, it seems to get only a crunchy level.
The brown channel is the one that virtually doesn't work: I've to put the OD1, OD2 and Master at very high level to hear a bad and confused sound, with a lot of noise.
The clean channel has got a very low level of sound if I set the master under 9 (and over) and if I don't set OD1 and OD2 to very high values (around 9-10) I can't hear anything than a hissy and weak sound.
I already replaced the R151 resistor (as suggested by MarshallJMP  :bow: ) but I didn't notice any improvement in the sound: yesterday I noticed a small burning on the tube board below the vactrol U22 and I was wondering if it can be the reason of the problem... I hope you will be able to suggest me a solution, you are my very last hope  8) Thank you guys. Davide

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Started by Davide - Last post by Davide
Thank you Samuraipanda  :wave:
I hope it will be possible to fix it, 'cause it is a pretty rare unit (at least here in Europe, I didn't find any other Classic through ebay and online shops that sell old stuff like that...

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Started by Davide - Last post by Samuraipanda
Welcome Davide!

This forum is a great place to be. And you'll find plenty of folks ready to help you diagnose your Classic. I can already hear the gears turning in Dante's brain.


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Started by Davide - Last post by Davide
Hello everybody,
I'm Davide, an ADA lover  :waving-banana-smiley-emoticon
Here my rig: MP-1 Classic, MicroTube 100 and MicroCAB.
I'm going to write about an issue with my Classic posting on a similar thread I found on the forum.

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Started by Chamai - Last post by Zilthy
For sure.  At that 50 point as well.  Which is why I am making the concession to:  (1) 2x12. (1) Head (1) 4U rack.  None of them are overly obnoxious.  Well, the cab is, but it has wheels. :D

If I have stairs to deal with (especially carrying alone) then it's the Boss Katana.  :D. Which I love because it's small, portable, and sounds decent.  Which I hate, because it's not a 1/2 stack.  :D

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Started by Chamai - Last post by Soloist
Lol, funny you should mention the 1/2 stack Zilthy. That's what I wanted for a long time as well, along with a rack setup. It's a far cry from my combo days. Now being 50 as well lugging 4 - 2x12 slant stacks a 21 ru rack plus a pedal board just isn't feasible. Now looking at the frfr and Axe fx 2 route. As you mentioned portability, simplicity and versatility are key. :headbanger:

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Started by Chamai - Last post by Zilthy
Those AxeFX II are *really* nice.  The Line 6 stuff pales in comparison, and I think it is largely due to the 'quality' of speaker modeling.   The POD HD unit I have sounds a *lot* better through the DT25 and Mesa 2x12 I have (by an order of magnitude) than it does through any FRFR system.  You can get decent tones from it for sure, but it's a lot more work.

If I were still gigging, I probably would have looked closer at going with the Axe FX II and an FRFR setup for portability.  I was playing with my setup in 3 or more different places each week at the time. That was the reason I moved fully to Line 6 at the time, pedalboard and wedge and done.  Well, that and living in a 250 square foot studio apartment.

I have to admit, that my latest rig build was largely due to "I want a 1/2 stack". I figured, I'm 50, I've been playing over 30 years, I am just going to have what I want. :D

I *did* make a concession though, it's a pretty small 1/2 stack being a 2x12 instead of 4x12, but it's got the same feel and vibe so I am really happy with it.

I did think about just getting pedals, but after looking around, I realized that for the price of just a couple pedals, I could score a couple of used rack units.  Which also solves another issue, I *really* hate running cords all over the place.  Just 1 midi cable from amp/rack over to my feet (midi phantom power over 7 pin).  Well, there is the guitar cable, but sometimes I go wireless too.

It's fairly portable, being a small head although the cab is pretty heavy being an oversized vertical 2x12.  But it looks *so* cute!!!!!

I think I would have been happy with the sound going the Axe FX route with a good FRFR, but it's not a 1/2 stack.  It would have been more versatile, a little more portable, but it wouldn't have been a 1/2 stack.

Did I mention I really wanted 1/2 stack?  :D

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Started by Chamai - Last post by Systematic Chaos
Soloist:  I had the Headrush FRFR112.  About a week before I sent it back.

Admittedly, I was using a Pod HD X with it (And the Axe FX is a *lot* better than that) but I was not impressed with the FRFR at all.  If I were to have stayed that route, I would have ended up looking for a different FRFR amp.  I've used that same setup through other FRFR and liked it a lot better.

However, instead of just getting a different FRFR, I went nuts and got a bunch of tube and rack gear and now selling all of my modeling gear, etc.

I am far from being a Fractal Fanboy.....that being said, especially after the latest FW Update for the AxeFx II (which included the Axe III modelling), the Amp AND Cab modelling is stellar.... I play the Axe on its own either through headphones, Desktop Monitors (Yamaha HS8S) or through an old Rocktron Velocity 150 going into an old Boogie 2x12 Halfback (for the latter i simply use outputs 2 and apply an EQ to compensate for them being non FRFR; Check out Leon Todds video on using a real guitar cab with the AX8:
The best (subjective, to my ears) FRFR I've heard and played with the AFX are the Matrix ones (
The best bang for the buck FRFR for modellers are imho the Laney IRT-X which sound phenomenal at that pricepoint (
With all of the above, I get a real awesome "amp in the room" sound and feel.

As I said above, I enjoy the AFX either on its own or in 4cm combination with any of my real (Pre)Amps. In terms of tone consistency and travel ergonomics (and the inner urge to tinker with a gazillion of parameters to tailor-shape my tones) I'm dead-on set on the AxeFX philosophy, either it being the AxeFX II, III or AX8.

I could sell all my Tube and Analog gear and I'd still be more than happy and satisfied with AFX on its own. But I still do love my Boogies, ADAs, Digitechs, Carvins and pedals and I'm fortunate enough that neither my job nor my CINC Homefleet (wife) make all of it mutually exclusive. I call all of my gear "practical art" and the family agrees.

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