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Let us never forget our beloved founder - RIP Jurrie, we all miss you very much

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Started by Dante - Last post by Samuraipanda
Well I hope he digs it and makes great music with it. The shipping was locked at $40 dollars but his FB profile looks like he lives overseas so maybe I'll get lucky and the deal won't go through. Yeah, I'm a nice guy. lol

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Started by Dante - Last post by Kim
Sorry you missed it, man... more will show up, it's just in the timing

I may have to disagree here.  I've never seen a T100s on Reverb before at all, let alone one priced cheaper than the B200s.
AFAIK, the T100s is even more rare than the Viper and Quadtube combos....and we all know how often those come up for sale.  ::)

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Started by Dante - Last post by Samuraipanda
Yeah my mistake taking time to make a joke on the FB page with the guy before he bought it instead of buying it first then being Henny Youngman.
He even said he has no clue about it but couldn't pass the deal up.  :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

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Started by Dante - Last post by Dante
I'd love to have an MQ-1 someday, paired with the Classic.

Sorry you missed it, man... more will show up, it's just in the timing

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Started by Dante - Last post by bunkyloo
I saw a MQ-1 for like $400 usd I love the idea of having it but realistically I would only use it with the mp-1 as the mp-2 is plenty on its own. I did however purchase a while back a rane mpe 14 witch is from what I hear a mq-1 clone. I got it for like 100 usd with shipping so I went for it quite impressive but honestly I think its even overkill for an MP-1 because just me but my eq settings 
pretty much stay but the MQ-1  would sure look pretty next to an MP-1 and a Pitchtraq  :thumb-up: :headbanger:

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Started by Dante - Last post by Samuraipanda
I didn't pull the trigger fast enough and now it's gone. Went to buy it and I can't find it. UGHHH

Hopefully someone on the Depot got it.

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Started by assquatch20 - Last post by rnolan
The T100S output:85w per ch -> 4 ohm50w per ch -> 8 ohm (which I assume the split stacks are)25w per ch -> 16 ohmThey have 3 tubes per chan, 1 12AX7 driver (phase splitter) and 2 6CA7 (=EL34) power tubes
This should much louder than the 5w blackstar (double the volume takes 10 x the power ie 50w vs 5w). In your case you have 2 x 50w so add 3db to twice as loud. However, as the T100S input is just one 12AX7 phase splitter you need to drive it pretty hard as there is no additional gain at its input.
The lead you need for the cab sim/phones output is a standard stereo to double mono shielded lead (there's a wiring diagram in the B* manual showing the stereo end).  They are more commonly known as insert leads as that is what you use in the insert jacks on mixer channels.
I used a HT5 once for a soft rehearsal, nice amp, the reverb is very good BTW but the amp is not very loud and cant compete with drums.  I have a Carvin TS100 which is a modern equivalent of the T100S.  It competes with drums no problem and then some  >:D .  The speaker emulation is fine if you want to record or go into a desk live.  This is basically what the HT5 is designed for.

Recently we started to use my split stacks that had been sitting for a few years and the jacks were dirty and causing issues.

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Started by Dante - Last post by Dante
Good luck!

Funny thing, I played through a little Yamaha tube combo last night...model number T100s (I think)

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Started by assquatch20 - Last post by assquatch20
The T100S should be very loud and blow the B* speaker away.  Sounds like there are issues with the pots and probably the jacks.  Give them all a good clean and also the jacks on the split stacks, they can gum up if not used for a while.  You need an insert lead (stereo jack to 2 x mono) then you can test using the DI outs.  As they are for headphone/cab sim they will lack top end so you'll have to turn the treble up a bit to compensate.  If you buy a stereo Fx you should be able to use the Fx send into one channel but both outputs should work to plug into the T100S.

To be fair, the 5w amp is going through a 4x12 so they have equal surface area at least. I'll give it a cleaning and test tubes and such though. I think, according to Blackstar, I need a balanced cable for the DI. The speaker emulation is a bummer, but the stereo reverb might sound nice. Regarding the loop and stereo fx, that's what I'm currently doing. The only effect I have for now is a stereo tremolo but it is pretty fun. And to be fair it sounds great, it's like the power is scaled to match the preamp it's feeding from somehow. I wish someone that had one of these and a small amp could verify whether or not this is normal.

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Started by themagichoof - Last post by herbyguitar
I ran into this, not only on the MP1 but on other setups as well. I found that over time two things can happen.
1) Chords are going bad.
2) Jacks and chord ends are getting dirty.

Bad chords can cause intermittent signal loss but is rare. More likely a scenario is that your jacks and chord ends have a buildup on them. Even if you never unplug your equipment there can still be a coating over the connections. Sometimes you can fix it by unpluging and pluging back in several times but the best fix is to spray your jacks and chord ends with electronics cleaner and wipe off your chord ends and then work the jacks and plugs in and out several times.

This could or could not be your problem but it's worth finding out before you go tearing into your MP1.

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