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Need a Schematic? Check the Vault *MP-1 Classic Schematics Just Added!!

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Started by Guitar_lamar - Last post by MarshallJMP
Hey Magnus

I'm using 10µF caps for the cathode bypass caps (C16,12,7,6) and 33µF for C13.So I would play with those cap values, the lower the less bass is amplified.

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Started by Guitar_lamar - Last post by Systematic Chaos
Reviving this thread....
I just did the big noise mod to an MP-1 v2 and while at it also swapped all other caps (did the ones as per noise mod: 10uF 450, 2x 33uf 250v (all Panasonic) 5x 33uf 50v (ELNA RFO series).
All others were swapped as follows:
- C3, C9, C10 with Orange Drop 715P 0.0068μF
- C4, C11 with Mica 100pF/1kV
- C5 with Orange Drop 715P 0.015μF
- C14 with WIMA 2700pF
- C15 with Orange Drop 715P 0.01μF

While the unit is almost dead quiet the tightness in the bass is completely gone. Anyone (MJMP) know what the reason could be?
I can get it tight with an OD or DS as clean boost up front but the bass response is overbearing without.
Since these were the only parts I swapped (to the same values as the originals) in addition to the normal noise mod I'm thinking maybe tinkering with the values (of the caps/resistor on the tube board) to get a tighter bass response......?? I'm talking the bass response within the tube stages, not the eq section

@MJMP: Any chance you can shed some light on those 10caps to be replaced for the Standard Gain SS Mod you mentioned here:
Well the SS mod can be orderd as a standard gain and as an increased gain board.But i usually sell the standard ones because in 90% of the cases these have enough gain unless you have very low output PU's.The SS mod is almost identical to the original except for about 10 caps that have a different value,mostly for tone and noise changes.It makes the tone a bit tighter and brings the noise down compared to the original board but retains the original sound.

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by Systematic Chaos
Bummer...stuff like this always drives me nuts as well....

To rule out the obvious...did you try/check hooking up either one of the pups on its own to the vol pot, just to make sure the pup is not damaged?
Bridge pup - vol - tone: check
neck-pup - vol - tone: check

Add the components (pots, switch, 2nd pup) one at a time until the noise appears and you'll have your culprit.

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rabidgerry
Ok so I swapped out the volume pot again (as I had also put in a 1meg pot) and this give me a chance to see all the earth wires and know for sure they were grounded.

Not one was disconnected or anything else.  And of course re-soldering the original 500k pot back in allowed me to revise each and every one so I know for sure the trem is grounded, both pickups, the volume pot, the push pull pot, the pickup selector switch.

Still the noise persists if I let go of the strings and turn the push pull.  Totally give up now, I can live with it I guess but ideally I would like to know why this is happening?

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rabidgerry
Stick your awful guitar tone videos hear please.

I went on youtube looking for some reviews of the Dimarzio X2N pickup and found some truly awful guitar tones.  Some good playing but awful f**king tones. 

Is it just me?

My first offering, jesus this is absolute garbage

Thankfully I know the pickup will sound better than this

I know it's perhaps how this one was recorded but hey I don't care, sounds terrible to me

Some ok clean stuff and light driven tones here then hell on earth ear splitting yuk with the heavier gain, holy  :poop:

Some of this sounds ok but then some of it doesn't, I'm not entirely sure if the guy is pulling of what he is playing or not, someone else can tell me if he is or not.  Perhaps the actual tones are ok and it's just his playing.

I don't profess to have the worlds best tone or anything but man some of these videos are unbelievable.

Some of this sounds ok and then the rest sounds like when my toilet flushes and some emo kid gets flushed down the u bend  More fizz in this than a can of coke.

Now all my vids are with the X2N pup, this is just because I was looking for vids of it particularly, don't be afraid to stick in posts of whatever tones you deem truly awful  :lol:  This is just for fun fokes because it's Sunday and everyone needs cheering up.  :thumb-up:

Here is an X2N sounding good.
Sure Motorhead are unique, I know that  ;)  I was in their fan club for Christ sake  :lol:

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by Peter H. Boer
Fates Warning - Live Over Europe
OMFG....varying degrees of awesomeness!!!
Yes, that's a noce one  :D
Saw them on that tour a couple of days earlier  ;D

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Started by mrguitar - Last post by MarshallJMP
Thanks for letting us know  :thumb-up:

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Started by Black_Haus - Last post by Black_Haus
Hey guys,

Here's a song that was literally created out of the "Blue".

My Bass player started playing this cool riff one night at band practice and Rob (the drummer) and I jumped in. Our singer at the time had a small Zoom stereo recorder rolling. I did some EQ'ing, andd a few percussion fills a in Presonus Studio One and this is the end result. I added some random stuff to the intro because there was some talking going on before we got started.

I know there area a couple of "not quite there" notes but I left them as is for authenticity. Thanks in advance for listening.

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by Systematic Chaos
Fates Warning - Live Over Europe
OMFG....varying degrees of awesomeness!!!

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Started by Chamai - Last post by rabidgerry
Man there are some god cheap cabs about, it's worth buying them and then over time swapping the speakers out for better ones.  That's what I did with my Bugera cabs.  And to be honest the first set of Bugera cabs I got, the stock speakers were actually great and probably should have kept them.

Man check out the Harley Benton cab (Thomann own brand) loaded with Vintage 30's

That's a good price.  Shipping if free after certain amount as well, dunno about to the U.S though.

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