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Board added for "Routing & Patching" in Lets Get Technical

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 on: Today at 08:34 AM 
Started by McLeanAB - Last post by McLeanAB
Hey man!

I have two clips, one clean one dirty, of the 100mpl..

Let me know what you think!

How's that MP-2?  Good shape?

Keep me posted, sir!

 on: Today at 06:25 AM 
Started by McLeanAB - Last post by Samuraipanda
Damn Adam, that's tempting. I have my MP-2 just sitting in a rack looking pretty. I hardly use it. I subscribe to your channel on YouTube. I'll see if you have any clips of it.

 on: Today at 12:59 AM 
Started by van Sinn - Last post by van Sinn
To be fair [to the MP-2 developers], it's not like I'm complaining; the MP-2 was made for big hair metal, and does it just fine for that  :bow:
Yeah, I know what can be done in these two voicings, but, as you stated, 'still isn't enough, bitch' ;)

I need to keep a rig down in physical size. My MP-2 + TCR24S combo handles most I can ask, less dual-channel pre's, but even this can be handled by using on input and output on the TSR as a clean pre.
Else, I could add an MP-1 or an Engl e570/80 (with MIDI switching), but already now it's getting bigger than what fits my trailer life.. :dunno:

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Started by AxeHarmony - Last post by Iperfungus
Hi gents!

Thanks for hints and information.
I found a Twin Tube for 60 euros and this could be a very good deal.
Looks in good shape and fully functional.

It's not close to home and the owner doesn't ship it...but, lucky me, the unit is for sale in the same town where my brother in law I will ask him to get it for me.

It has a GT and a Marshall tubes inside...curious combination.
The battery looks like a normal 1.5V battery, even if it should be a 4.5V one, and it should be possible to remove it and replace it in a very easy way.

I think I'll give the thing a try: I can use the Intellifex as FX and reverb unit.  :thumb-up:

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Started by McLeanAB - Last post by McLeanAB
Hey all!

You'd think I'd know better by now... every time I get nostalgic, I play with the 'new' toys for a month, maybe two, then it loses it's luster and I don't want/need it any more...

Anyone want to give these a good home?  Make an offer... they are all three in great shape, just don't use them... MIGHT consider a trade for an MP-2, but that's about it...

Gallien-Krueger 100mpl guitar preamp... Alex Lifeson used these on the ROLL THE BONES tour, not sure if he recorded with them...
Alesis Quadraverb - no surprises... simple.
DMC Cab Tone - cab sim, analog... similar in sound to the H&K Red Box.

Hit me up, all!

- Adam

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Started by van Sinn - Last post by Dante
I have complained about that for years. However, you can get a half gain patch outta the MP-2. I can't remember which voicing I used...probably the warm vintage or brown voicing. I'll get it out of storage soon (just moved). Even still, when you have your 'half gain' patch, the MP-2 still doesn't respond great to picking attack. Almost like there's a compressor going on in the circuitry. The MP-1 Classic is much better at this than the MP-2. I can't remember how the MP-1 reacts, I only played everything loud back then :/

Nowadays (I know this is bad), I've been using my Peavey mini-head (20w, 2ch tube head) for gigs. It loves the volume knob, and I'm not used to it...but it is nice for sure.

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Started by van Sinn - Last post by van Sinn
Yeah, it works reasonably well in Voicing 5 as in the cleans; it's the higher gain Voicings I need this on..

Been looking many a time on the schematics, but haven't yet found a holy grail.
I have the feeling it'll be achievable only by:
 upping the plate voltage
 reducing the -24 volt cathode bias
 making some yet undefined hardware changes
 changing the parameter set for the control points to match the above


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Started by van Sinn - Last post by rnolan
It probably depends allot on the voicing selected.  I found rolling vol pot with voice 5 works a treat, that was with JPLP, so 59 PAF in the neck and burst bucker (not my fav PU) in bridge.

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Started by van Sinn - Last post by van Sinn
What's up, folks, the auction is open for bids on this lovely masterpiece, complete with nice glowing bottles  :thumb-up:

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rabidgerry
Finally got time to try another little mod for the Rockmaster.

I'm going to try a 1µf in place of the 0.47µf cap in C17 on the tube board.  It's to allow more low end through apparently.  Trying 1µf first as this is the value others have tried.

The caps I got are only 400v, does anyone know if that would be suitable for this kind of mod?  They are also huge!!  I hope they will fit.

I was thinking of rigging this up in a way that I could attach different caps of different values at will before I settle on the right value, say by attaching two wires in place where the original C17 is now and then using crocodile clips to connect whatever value of cap I wanted.  Stupid idea may be?

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