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Need a Schematic? Check the Vault *MP-1 Classic Schematics Just Added!!

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 on: Today at 01:06 PM 
Started by mrguitar - Last post by mrguitar
Thanks rnolan,

I'm sure those next level troubleshooting tips will come in handy. Thanks for passing that along. btw I see in your signature you're still rocking the midiverb 4. That was my fx processor whenI had my original MP-1 back in the day. I imagine it still holds up. There's a cheap TC G Major on craigslist that I've been eye balling. tempting to get one, a little 3u case and midi controller. :) 

 on: Today at 06:22 AM 
Started by Zilthy - Last post by MarshallJMP
Nice, I really liked it,well done!

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Started by uraniumwilly - Last post by rnolan
Hey good to have you around  :thumb-up: , yes it can be a expensive hobby  :facepalm:

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Started by Dante - Last post by rnolan
Welcome to the depot,  :wave: good you could find some cleaner air.

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Started by Dante - Last post by Zilthy
Sorry for your family's loss Dante, but glad that everyone is safe.  I hope your sister is doing okay, I know my cats are the absolutely only thing that I would care about in my house, and that loss would be difficult.

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Started by uraniumwilly - Last post by uraniumwilly
Hey, how ya doin',

After a number of different occupations, including some recording studio work, I've returned to music-making and the astonishingly expensive hobby of recording. I pulled down my old MP-1 from the upper tier of my closet, and damn(!), sounds good! Since I like it so much I bought another from CL, this one in much better shape than my oldie, much quieter and cheap!

About a decade or so ago I ran an MP-1 with Lovetone fuzz, a LT meatball, an 1140 eq, and a PCM70 and found the creamy tone of the gods. Long story short, now, of course I can't find that glorious tone.

Anyhoo, glad to be here. Cheers!

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Started by Dante - Last post by uraniumwilly
Very sorry to hear of this. Both my mother and niece are now housing their family/friends who lost their homes in the fire. While I was born and currently live in the bay area, I grew up in the Paradise/Chico area. Others, friends I've known also lost their homes.

As I said in the "Start Here" forum, I just ran away from the smoke that's poisoning the bay area and elsewhere in the state. It was actually physically making me and my wife sick.

The really tough part for me is watching the videos of people escaping the horror. Grim.

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Started by Kim - Last post by uraniumwilly
More recent interview stuff of his... this time from Tape Op. I thought his use of the MP-1 into a more consumer oriented (albeit high end) amplifier interesting. I'll re-type the MP-1 stuff he spoke about:

Q: "...After that you were an early adopter of ADA's MP-1 preamp for guitar.

A: I used it on White Lion, Skid Row, and Extreme. The MP-1 has a +4 output. I would run it into a solid McIntosh hifi power amp with a -10 input, so there was some distortion. That powered a Marshall cabinet with 30 watt Celestions. Everyboyd used the exact same preset on the ADA, and everybody sounded completely different. The preset was #45. We used other gear on the way back in, like the Urei 535 stereo graphic equalizer. It made the sound better, even if it was flat. And then we would go through the BBE802 Sonic Maximizer. For guitars I actually like tape because it rounds off those nasty edges that some output transformers create. Today I use the Cranesong HEDD on my guitar chain to simulate tape..."

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Started by Dante - Last post by uraniumwilly
Sup gents?

I'm on the run from the poisonous air in the bay area - killing time in a hotel room. Am so happy to find this forum is still kicking.


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Started by Zilthy - Last post by Kim
That was very cool!  I can tell that it's only just scratching the surface as well.  Would love to hear more!   :thumb-up:

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