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Lets get Technical > All Things Tube All about preamp and power amp Tubes.

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I read good things about this preamp.  Glad someone has something good to say about it, I surprise underrated gem perhaps with it's one 12ax7.

Shit yes.
It’s a surprisingly very good unit.

I used a Zoom 9030 for very long time many years ago.
It was a good preamp/FX unit, but 9150 is better a lot.
It has its own voice and it’s a different voice from other Zoom products.

I had a G3X pedalboard and a MS-70CDR, most recently…but I sold both after few weeks.

The 9150 is a cheap item today, but it’s plenty of useful features and very complete, a good standalone unit.
I also own Zoom 8050 and FP01 MIDI controller and expression pedal, as I wrote: this gives full access to any 9150 function, program changes, control changes and whatever.
And I’m going to buy a Valvestate 8008 for this second small rig I’m putting together.
You can achieve very good clean, crunch and distorted tones…and you can also achieve good results with some tube rolling.

For the price, worth a try for sure!

Discussions / Re: How Much for MP-1s?
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I might be interested in those broken MP-1 and MP-2 units.

Some first info...

The MP-1 is a stock unit with MIDI issues...he would ask 350 euros, but he's not sure if he will sell it because the tone is awesome.  ;D
A little too much, by the way...IMHO...

The MP-2 he doesn't remember the issues but he will check in the next days and let us know.
He could ask 180 euros + shipment.

Hey RN, yeah I have wax potted pickups.  Now I honestly cannot say I noticed much difference tonally, but of course it made a difference in regards to microphonics.

I've potted and repotted pickups.

In regards to the original subject of lesser branded equipment/intruments.  Well I'm an example of someone who truly doesn't believe a £1500 guitar is going to be better than a £250 guitar with some upgrades.  The difference in price certainly does not justify the difference (if any) sound differences.

All my guitars (well a lot) are Squiers.  And even better than that they were all second hand so even cheaper again.  I know these guitars are good quality and I know a few upgrades later puts them in an even better category.

Something crazy I have even found though is that some of the steel upgrades I have made to my guitars have not always been better sonically.  And I decided with one guitar I own (yes the pink one) to leave it with it's original small sustain block.  Why?  Because it sounds just the way I want it and the change it has made to some of my other guitars I'm not sure I actually want to happen with this guitar so there ya go!!  Uprgrades might not actually make your guitar better either.

PS had my hands on a Godin strat the other week.  Fixing a pot on it for a friend.  As far as I know it cost more than some of my axes, yet it felt (to me anyways), like a cheapo piece of crap.  My Chinese, and Korean guitars felt a lot more solid and durable and just dam right better quality.

 :bow: :bow: :bow:

I've a chinese Modern Player Strat that makes a good job.
I love that guitar.
With stock pickups and electronic, is very good (I suspect PUs are non branded Tonerider stuff....).
I did an upgrade with some PUs I bought from StewMac (not expensive stuff) and the guitar overall tone improved.
Great neck and fingerboard.
A very good Strat with more quality than many MIM Strats sold at a double price.

I own different of them is an over the top 1987 PRS Custom, 100% original (the only valuable guitar I own, even if I love them all!) I can do comparison among different instruments and I agree with you.

About '57 Classic pickups...I remembered right, they are wax potted already:

Maybe early 2-wires models were not?  :dunno:

Effects / Re: What FX units recommended?
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Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) is in plentiful supply around here LoL  >:D .


Effects / Re: Line 6 Helix
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Ahh 14, over 40 years ago... The best sound (I remember) I had a 2nd hand Navarra Les Paul (precursor to Ibenez I think) > mic preamp kit I built (9v battery) > crystal input of old tube radio gram (it had a turntable with a serious needle LoL), 5w speaker out > ETI 413 100w transistor power amp kit (I also built) > 2 x 20w Phillips twin cone HiFi speakers (each in 4 cubic foot boxes, my dads old stereo cabs). It sounded awesome (though obviously I didn't understand gain structure back then  :facepalm: ).  The ETI 413 had a speaker fuse (no power fuse  :dunno: ), I blew 3 of them (then had none left). Drummer suggested cigarette packet tin foil to repair the fuse  :whoohoo!: :facepalm: bad idea, the first speakers I ever fried.

 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You're a hell of a DIYer!!!

Discussions / Re: How Much for MP-1s?
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I might be interested in those broken MP-1 and MP-2 units.

I will tell him!
Or I simply can send you an email with his name, since is Ultra+ MP-1 has been made by you for sure!  :bow:

Well some people know what they are doing when they do the mods them self but there are also a lot of people that don't and they can mess up their mp-1's pretty good.I've seen it all  ::)

You're to only one I would send my MP-1 to in case it would need service or repair I cannot do by myself.

bought my first MP1 v1.38 all stock 2 years ago for $250 CAD. really good condition, a few scratches on top. found another in rougher condition a month later and picked it up for $150. this one had the v2.01 chip and i plan on using it as a spare. the battery on the spared died first heh. always have an extra one. these things are getting rarer and you don't know when you will come across one.

Yep, that would be a good idea to have one more as a spare unit.
But you've to be sure you're not getting a completely crappy item...  :lol:
And this is what is becoming harder and harder, it seems.

I'm monitoring some MP-1s here in Italy... I will see...
As soon as I will find a good one for a reasonable price, I'll get it!  :banana-rock:
Luckily my MP-1 works fine and I've got some spare parts from MJMP already, so I can take my time.

Well some people know what they are doing when they do the mods them self but there are also a lot of people that don't and they can mess up their mp-1's pretty good.I've seen it all  ::)

 Amen! I found that out the hard way  >:(  I can only imagine the stories you could share MJMP  :o


And since you cannot know if mods have been done by skilled people or complete idiots, I would prefer stock units.
Unless I do not read MJMP name...  :thumb-up:

Look at this:

Until yesterday it was on sale for 199 209...
Same shop, same MP-1, same everything.  :dunno:
Why they raised the price up? Can we trust shops???

 :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

And this one:

Pictures where you cannot see the power supply cord...probably because it has been shortened?

How can you trust this people???

Original MP-1 / Re: New rack: work in progress
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 :thumb-up: :thumb-up: :thumb-up: :thumb-up: :thumb-up:

Original MP-1 / Re: MP-1 Bypass Mode?
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Great "old school" rig, Man!!!  :thumb-up:
Is that a B200s power amp?

Original MP-1 / Re: New rack: work in progress
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Man Iperfungus this is a fun thread Bro - Congrats on your new setup!  :banana:
Yes this stuff can be and is very addicting for sure!  ;D
 And I'm still on the fence about either the Quadraverb or the TC Gmaj2 - or the Rocktron Intellifex  :???:
But I'm reading everyone's posts on them and still gathering info  :D

eheheheh....a lot of stuff is coming home:

1) 2 power amps (ADA B200s and Marshall Valvestate 8008)
2) 2 rack cases (2U and 4U)
3) another MIDI Controller (Behringer FCB1010 ready for the GMaj)
4) a good stereo 2x12 cab (Blackstar 212 HTV)
5) cables, cables, cables  :lol:

Funny and affordable!  :thumb-up:

I will just do a little more tubes rolling with the MP-1, I've just to decide among JJs and Mullards LP...

About FX, you cannot miss the target with anyone of them: Quadraverb, Intellifex or GMaj are very good units.
If you look for something good and cheap, go for the Quadraverb.
If you look for something good, cheap and complete, go for the Intellifex.
If you look for something good, cheap and MORE complete, go for a GMaj.

The Gmaj2 would cost more than a Gmaj...

If you look for a blast (still a little expensive), go for a Lexicon MPX G2 with R1 floorboard!  :thumb-up:

Just For Fun / Re: Part 2
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 :headbanger: :headbanger: :headbanger:

^^ I fixed your link ^^

Original MP-1 / Re: New rack complete!
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RACK p*rn!!!! YAY!!!

We love this stuff man, keep it comin!


+1  :whoohoo!:

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