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Let us never forget our beloved founder - RIP Jurrie, we all miss you very much

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MB-1 / Re: Finally getting it together...
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Hey Richard,
   I was actually looking at a Sterling Ray 5, which is about half the price of a MusicMan Stingray, but I was also looking at those SUB basses too. Also, another consideration is the Traben Array Attack 5.

    I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

    MJMP, I think I might crumble the cinder blocks in the foundation :lol:


     Forget reviewers, and anything they have to say. The people who listen to reviewers, will end up only listening to what they want them to hear. Mindless trolls I can do without.
    Your music is unique, and if you recall from our emails, I was honest with you about this style of music, in that it is not a style I normally listen to, but yet I find things in your music that catches my interest, and I keep going back to listen again. I still listen to some of the tracks you sent me and dig the grooves I hear, so I'm contradicting my personal tastes in music :lol:
   If I had paid attention to the reviews I had read a long time ago, I probably would have never picked up my first Dream Theater CD, and look where those guys are today.
   You just keep writing with the same sincerity, and damn the critics. Publicity is always welcome, good or bad, it still keeps your name out there.

MB-1 / Finally getting it together...
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Hey Gang,

     I've owned the MB-1 preamp for a number of years now, as many of you are aware of, but today, I just pulled the trigger on the rest of the bass rig.

    I found a B500B on ebay for $276.00 USD, and the matching Bassline HX cabs to go with it. The 2x10 cab is $255.00, and the 1x15 cab is $212.00, so I pulled the trigger on both of those too.

    I feel like I got a good deal on all the missing elements for my bass rig, and now that's resolved. All I need now is a decent 5-String bass to run through it, and we'll see how many windows I can rattle with it :lol:

   That's a really cool video Gerry :thumb-up:

    It's not what I had conjured up in my mind a few months ago when I listened to the song, but it fits very well, and I like the message. Like everyone else in here, I kind of expected the kid to find an axe at the end of it too, but the video leaves the impression that he'll find his way from there.
    As I had said to you in email, I love the tone you have going, and I like the compositions I've heard you come up with. Put me down for an album too, and I'll spread it around with the metal heads in the local area.

Welcome to the Depot Joe P :wave:

     It looks like you fit right in here :lol:

     That's a nice looking Odessey rack. I'm looking at a pair of 8U like those for my studio desk. All stock MP-1's and different power amps, are you plugging them into different cabs, or all into the EVH cab?
      I had the same impression of the Line 6...just OK. I see you are quite a big fan of Boss pedals. Are you trying those through the loops of the MP-1's, or are those reserved for the heads?

    @ MJMP: He's got me covered on the MP-1's since mine is down again. But I'm gravitating more towards the MP-2 and the Classic with the new tube power amps I've recently added to my stage rigs. I may have to send my MP-1 to you for your expert care.

HAHAHA! That's brilliant!

  I see some corrosion on a few connections there, I wonder if that might have anything to do with the shakey chorus operation?

   What would be the best thing to use on a PCB to clean it?

ADA Cabinet Simulaters / Re: ADA GCS-6 coming
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Maybe this is a stupid question, but why make a pedal sized object that is not a pedal? For the desktop?

    For people who like cluttered desks? :dunno:

ADA Cabinet Simulaters / Re: ADA GCS-6 coming
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That looks like the Microcab ll in a pedal. I wonder if it sounds as good?

   I believe a 6" clip on fan is fine for what you want to do. I've used them for years, clipped to the back of my Fender Twins. I'll probably use them again in the RMC Rack heads, if I can find a suitable place to clip them onto. This is because those head cases are too shallow to mount rear rack rails on them to install rack mounted cooling panels on.
   My 22U rack has front and rear rack rails for this purpose. Like Kim, my power amp also has a cooling fan in the back of it however, my preamps do not. For cooling those down, and I may use up to four preamps in that rack, (minimum two), I choose AC Infinity T7 cooling system, because it's quiet. They are a bit pricey at $100 USD each, and Pyle makes similar ones at half the price, I chose those because this rack is mostly in the studio, and I need to keep the noise down. The nice thing about those is, I can flip two of the fans over, and have them blow cool air into the rack while the other two, blow air out. I have small rubber pads that I stick to the underside of the preamps on the back corners, to give the air a chance to get in there a little bit, (much like Sinn suggests).

Combo Amps / Re: ADA combo amp
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Hey Richard,
   Yes, it's another model. I saw one for sale on ebay a little over a month ago, and I believe it was the Rocket A10. It didn't look anything like the other combos.


    I wonder why you are looking at solar panels and such, since there are such things as power inverters that you can plug into the cigarette lighter on your dashboard. These convert 12VDC into household AC voltage.
    When I was on tour years ago, I had to drive a semi-tractor/trailer, and I used these for several appliances. You only need be sure the wattage will cover what you want to plug into it. I also had a cooler that plugged into the same automotive power receptacle to keep a few groceries and drinks in. I still have it, and it cost me $35.00 USD. I don't know how many truck drivers there are in Dk., but if you can talk with any of them, you might get some ideas that are more affordable for mobile living.
   Many people here in the US, buy vans, and re-model them into camper type accommodations, yet they still use them for everyday driving.

Combo Amps / Re: ADA combo amp
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...there was also the rocket combo

Yeah forgot about that one, that's the small all tube amp right?

@R that would be the quad tube.

Yes, with the 10" speaker, in a tolex covered case, with rounded corners

Combo Amps / Re: ADA combo amp
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...there was also the rocket combo

Guitars / Re: NPupsD!
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No Gerry,
   You are correct, the Norton, and Air Norton, were designed to use in the bridge, it was John Petrucci who started using it in the neck position with the Ibanez JP100 guitar.

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