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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Rack Gear / Re: Empty 2U rack chassis
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No, not a fan of Ebay.   :dunno:

But.....another search turned this up:

Now that's more like it.  A reasonable price.   :thumb-up:

Rack Gear / Re: Empty 2U rack chassis
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I have a couple of them, one of which I really don't need. You want it? I'll send it to you if you do
And I was like Yaaay!  :whoohoo!:

I just re-read that and see that I misunderstood. I have a spare 2u rack case. My bad
Then I went  Awwww....   :'(

Not sure what a rack "chassis" is...
Those links are for rack cases.  A "chassis" would be for example if you had an MP-1 with nothing in it: no knobs, no holes, no buttons, nothing.  Just a blank face, sides, back panel, and top/bottom lids.  Ready to be turned into whatever it is you wanna build out of it and then mount into a rack case.   :)

Rack Gear / Empty 2U rack chassis
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I'm currently brainstorming a few ideas, one of which requires an empty, blank, ready-to-populate 2U rack chassis.  I've seen a few here and there but they are CRAZY expensive.  :o 

Anyone know of a place that has them and not so darn expensive?

Hey R this will cost you a round of beer in the virtual ADAdepot bar !!! ^-^

At LEAST one round!   :lol:

Buy & Sell Other Gear / Re: FS: EMG humbuckers
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Well, if it weren't for SC I'd probably still have EMGs in my guitars.   :wave:

EMGs were 99% of all I ever had and 99% of all I ever knew about pickups.   I hate it when others say "they suck" and "EMGs worst pickups ever" etc.  because they're not.  They're just not everyone's cup of tea and that's all good. 
But I found that either
A: my tastes changed,
B: I became bored with EMGs, or
C: both.

But trying those Dimarzios I bought from SC on a whim really helped.  I'm not good at explaining some detailed things like "tone" and "feel" and "detail" but there are things going on with those that I heard and felt, but didn't get from my EMGs.

Adam, if you want the 57 I'm still entertaining offers....just not for another EMG pickup.  Doesn't even have to be another pickup....

Buy & Sell Other Gear / Re: FS: EMG humbuckers
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Still have it.  I'm using Dimarzio pups now, so I'm not interested in trade for other EMGs. 

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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My wife is with me so I can't buy anything stupid.

It really sucks to come home after work and see that the new guitar amp you've been gassing for months has suddenly shown up and sitting right there in the living room.....disguised as shoes, a handbag, and a coat.    :amaze:

MP1 / Re: New album with MP1 - done!
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That's some crazy stuff, Chip!  The GOOD kind of crazy..... :metal:   

Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
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I tried a few of the suggestions here.  It really seemed to help a lot!

First off, I changed to a slightly thicker gauge strings.  I was using D'Addario EXL145 set (12-16-20-32-42-54) and they were actually beginning to feel a little flabby.  I bought a 7 string set EXL110-7 to try simply because it was available at a local shop.  Not using the 10 string at all, but using the remaining six (13-17-26-36-46-59) resulted in a much tighter sound and actually easier for me to play believe it or not.  Kind of a shame to buy 7 strings just to bin one of them, but I'm after the results and if I order them online from MF the 7 string set actually costs the same as my previous 6 string sets from the local store.  A very slight truss rod and intonation adjustment and it's ace.

Secondly, I adjusted my strap up just a little higher.  That also helped, and combined with holding the neck up a just a little closer to vertical than how I held it previously seemed to make the problems go away.   

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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My G.A.S. changes whenever my "needs" change.  lol

I'm really gassing for a different amp for the Home Studio, and it's a great price.  BUT.......the stars don't always line up the way they should.  I have the money for it, but my truck must've sensed that somehow so it broke down and now needs repair.  sigh.   

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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Nice looking axe, Gerry! 

Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
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Interesting points.  I'll definitely look into some ideas myself.

I don't really get fatigued from a long playing period but instead it happens during certain parts of one or two songs.  For instance one of our songs has an outro riff that is repetitive and at half the tempo of the rest of the song (like a "mosh" part I guess you could call it) and about half way through that my primary diad fingers will become very stiff.

Effects / Re: Let's see your pedalboards!
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Latest update on my pedalboard.

Finally got the Saturnworks A/B switch I needed to toggle between the EHX "9" pedals and replaced the Morley Volume with a smaller-footprint Vox Volume.   :thumb-up:  The pedalboard wiring schematic is linked in my signature.

Really like those graphics you came up with for that Quad switch!   :thumb-up: 

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