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MP-2 / Re: MP2 prices?
« on: Time Format »
I copied into my MP2 every patch I could find on the patch page which was about 36 or so, I was being anal about it  :crazy:  :lol:
I'm 100% positive I tried some of your patches. I did play them all at fairly loud volume and a bunch of them did not work for me at all. After I really understood how to set up the unit I went back to play all the patches again and fiddled a bit with the EQ.

Since every patch (almost all of them at least) relies on the graphic EQ to get a specific sound, I realized that after a while I ended up setting the graphic EQ fairly similar regardless of what patch I was in so it would match the tone I was hearing in my head. In the end I settled for voicing 7 as liked the bit more chunky tone of the high gain, I did like voicing 5 too but wha can I say... I like high gain and I cannot lie  :banana-guitar:

I got a buyer for the unit so I'm parting with it for the time being.
And honestly, if ADA was to issue an updated version of the MP units with rotary knobs/encoders I would not hesitate one second on getting one.

MP-2 / Re: MP2 prices?
« on: Time Format »
Time to report back.

This past week I got some time alone with my MP2 and went through the MP-2 patches section of the site and copied them all one by one so I can use them as a good starting point to create a patch of my own.

I’ve relearned how important is the speaker cabinet and power amp for one’s tone, most of these high gain patches did not work with my rig at all, they had either too much low end or too much high end.
I also relearned how every guitar player has their own definition of clean tone  :))
Some of these patches I would never use but I can easily hear other people playing them. It always comes down to the same thing: There is no wrong tone, only different tones for every single situation.
As a reference, the gear I’m paring this unit is:
Power section of a 5153 modded to accept EL34,
2x12 closed back cab with Celestion K100
Custom made set neck guitar, mahogany body and neck, ebony fretboard, B&BXL500 on the bridge and SD59 on the neck
Custom made N4, mahogany body with 1/4” maple top, maple neck and ebony fretboard, B&BXL500 on the bridge and SD Jazz on the neck

So, the patches that became my starting points were Kim's 5150 and Mesa Rectogasm, as well as Dante's killer dirty and clean patches. These are the closest thing to what I hear in my head when i think of a guitar tone.
It’s a bit hard not to get lost in the infinite possibilities of tone when you have a 4-band tone stack plus a 9-band graphic eq and each of the 9 voicing has a different tone character; however, once I became acquainted with the characteristics of each voice, it was a lot easier and faster to match my reference tone and go from there.
I also found interesting that although you can get a decent tone without the need of the graphic eq, it is necessary if you want a modern tone with good note definition specially at high gain settings.
Having a built-in compressor is another great tool for the cleans, I don’t like too much compression so the lower settings worked great for me and were easy to set up. All the other effects are just great, good wha options, nice tremolo and of course amazing chorus, but we all knew that already.

When comparing the high gain from the head with the MP2, the head seemed noiseless, so the noise reduction does its job well done. I really like riding the knob of the guitar so needing the noise reduction was a bit annoying.

Voicing 7 has enough gain for my high gain needs even though I tend to go for very high gain settings for my Pantera fix every once in a while. Another thing I relearned is that at higher volumes the OD is more obvious and you don’t need as much as you think you need; I haven’t played live in a while so I’ve lost a bit of perspective on this point and only remembered this when I cranked the amp loud enough make the house rumble :headbanger:
The way voicings 8-9 saturate causes the tone to lack tightness and to get wooly. I really enjoy the voicing 5 as a crunch tone and all the clean tones are fun as well. For high gain, I haven’t been able to distinguish between setting the DRIVE to 90 and OD to 50 and viceversa, so I’ve kept them both at about the same setting around 7-8, this also helped me reduce the noise.

I did end up with a very good tone on voicing 7, very close to my 5153 and with the help of the graphic EQ I could bring up some mid high frequencies I think benefits the guitar tone for both rhythm and lead. I always wished when I had the MP1 classic it had a graphic eq to fine-tune it so this is definitely a great tool to have. This tone was versatile enough and the gain setting allowed me to turn off the noise reduction without being overly noisy and it allowed me to get some nice crunch tones with the guitar volume rolled back. The MP2 does respond better than the MP1 and the MP1 classic in this depertment, when rolling down the vol the guitar tone retains a bit of the highs, though not quite as well as my 5153 or my other amp. And talking about the MP1 classic I have to say that the brown voicing in that unit is just as good as it gets for crunch tones.

And as much as I love MIDI integration and MIDI control, at this point tone is a priority for me so I didn’t fiddle with either the effects loop or the MIDI real time control. Both my MP1 and MP1 classic effects loop worked great so I would only assume the MP2 was just as good with the added flexibility of having independent mix for A and B signals. Real time control is very useful so I’m pretty sure I would love to set some expression controllers for some interesting morphing tones.

Overall, I do think that the MP2 can keep up with any modern amp/preamp and can give you anything you want from ridiculous spanky overcompressed cleans to insanely crushing high gain, you just need to spend a bit of time learning its programming and tone control response.
I do think that for me, I just keep fighting the unit in the noise department and I feel more confortable playing my other 2 amps. I’m also preferring knobs these days.

So, to sell or not to sell. Keep it in a rack case collecting dust until I decide I’ve had enough of knobs or sell it to fund other new toys, oh guitar player's dilemas… :crazy: :lol:

It would be very cool for somebody to try this patch and comment back. I'd like to hear your impressions when running it though different power amp/speaker combo.

The Tone
Voicing: 7 Warm high gain
Drive: 75
Overdrive: 80
Master: 82

Compressor: Out

Tone Controls
Low: +4
Mid: 0
Hi: +2
Pres: +2

Graphic EQ
100 Hz: +6
170 Hz: +4
280 Hz: 0
470 Hz: +6
800 Hz: 0
1.3 kHz: +2
2.2 kHz: 0
3.8 kHz: +2
6.3 kHz: +8

Wha: Out
Tremolo: Out
Noise: Out (or Gate, 50%)
Chorus: Out
Loop: Out

MP-2 / Re: MP2 prices?
« on: Time Format »
Thanks for the reply.
I did have a classic and it was my main rig together with a mesa 2:90 for about 10 years in the early 2k. I loved that unit but wanted something different and also got tired of buttons instead of knobs.
The Classic used to sound very well with everything flat and perhaps a bit of eq tweaking depending on the application, loved the chorus and the noise gate and the brown channel was way better than the distortion channel, only thing I didn't like was that it wasn't a high gain channel.

I find it a bit hard to program the MP2 with a sound I like and the high gain distortion is not as tight as my 5153 so that's why I left it behind for several months already. Perhaps I can get some tips on programming the unit? If I can get a high gain tone heavy and tight similar Down - Nola album, lamb of god or Megadeth latest albums... I'll be happy camper.

I'll answer your questions and i have a couple more if you don't mind:
- Yes 110v.
- Every single musician that buys music gear over the internet pays shipping for literally everything so I can't do anything about shipping as shipping is shipping.
- Price wise I prefer to convert all to USD so we're talking about $370 USD, now when you say delivered that means that the unit was about $300 USD?
- It has the original tubes, I tried a couple of mullards and there's not much of a difference honestly, perhaps because I haven't played it loud enough.
- Front jack works without any problems, when you say it needs to be replaced does this have a significant improvement on the tone of the unit?
- Display screen not fading at all  :headbanger:
- No noise mod performed as the original owner told me.
- Battery, I've had it for about a year and a half and I haven't had any problem with the battery.

MP-2 / MP2 prices?
« on: Time Format »
Hey guys,

I might regret this, it's been a while since I've played my ADA gear and since I'm playing my 5153 all the time I'd like to sell my MP2 and I was wondering if anybody can comment on what are the ongoing prices.
The unit works flawlessly and is in pristine condition with only a few scratches on the top cover.


Original MP-1 / X-files
« on: Time Format »
Saw this and couldn't help it.
Seems the military liked to have their guitar gear while monitoring the air space.
...Or the production people got lazy and just grabbed the guitar rack from the location recording guy for this scene ;D

X-Files, S01E17

Good point about coiling up the power cables.
The beeping sound was before coiling up the cables, at that point the cables were just hanging from the back of the rack in a very
"tidy untidiness" out of the way of the units themselves.

I wanted to change the pots on 2 guitars for a push/pull pot and after the new pots were installed the problem was gone.
What is curious is that yesterday night I played the third guitar that showed that same problem and is not showing it anymore. I didn't change anything on the guitar, though I did some changes on the rack, made new MIDI cables and rearranged the power strip and power supply (coiled and tied their cables) of my Rocktron units.

Any idea if this could have contributed to the problem?

Took me a while but managed to read all the 12 pages, lots of interesting comments and questions.
So far mos of the preamp tube talk if for a stock MP1 aside from some mention about using long plates on a 3TM (which is the one I have)
I have been using a couple of Baldwin long plate tubes with good results but decided to change them for a mix of Boogies SPAX7A and Russian short plates.

I try to ride the volume of my guitar to play with different colors of overdrive and go to a quasi-clean tone but as MarshallJMP mentioned to me some time ago the 3TM has just too much gain to clean up nicely riding the guitar volume.

Though I like the way the 3TM sounds and has very low noise these tubes are old and I'm considering getting new ones, any other advise besides the Sovtek LPS long plates and the JJ to get a tight punchy high gain tone with enough bite but not thin sounding?

I like the description of Rnolan and the 3d of the Mullard, would this be a good idea for what I'm looking for? I like articulation and like that tracking of your every move like I've read this tube provides.

Signed in to report the issue solved and I didn't realize it was 6 weeks ago :P Too much work, need more play  ^-^

Although it was a simple and easy problem I really appreciate MarshallJMP taking the time to help us all.

Do you mean this one:

I found this website about a year ago. No battery, firmware updates through USB, CC capable, and the best: Rotary controls to replace the front panel buttons!?
This sounds like a dream come true. I've always wished for the MP1 to have knobs like the Rocktron Piranha has.

Thanks MJMP.
I also thought the pots could be bad, although this sound doesn't show up when using another preamp or my 5153. Given this, do you think it could still be the pots?
In any case I'll change the pots for sure, I just have to order new pots and wait until they arrive.

Hello all,
I was wondering if someone can chime in about this problem.
There is a high pitch sound coming from my ADA MP1 3TM that only manifest itself on 3 of my guitars when the volume pot is all the way down (?!)
These guitars have different pickups and different pots, though they are all mini pots (2 of them DPDT). My other guitars don't show this problem and some of them have the same pickup as one of the ones with the problem, and those guitars not showing the high pitch sound have both mini and full sized pots.
I'm completely lost at why this is happening.

You can hear this weird sound in a recording I made with my phone:

I'm far from being very knowledgeable in electronics but I do know the basic stuff and how to solder electronics on my guitars (not perfect though ;D).
I hope somebody can help me with this problem as it gets really annoying.


Discussions / Re: Time format on posts?
« on: Time Format »
just did the fix and it worked.
Thanks!!    :metal:

Discussions / Time format on posts?
« on: Time Format »
Hi all,
It's been a bit since I haven't been here. Does anyone have any idea why I can't see any time stamp on any post? Even in my messages the time stamp appears as "time format" so I have no idea when any posts/discussions/topics have been posted.



Unrelated to the sale but cool to see someone else from Toronto!!!!!  :metal:

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