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Amps / Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Hi guy's, has anyone any experience with this brand of amp?

I am very interested in this model

Given that it is only 90watts though I worry it will not be loud enough since I currently use a 300watt rocktron velocity amp.

Anyways, Koch are interested in endorsing me and if I had to use some of their product this would be the first thing I would want to try.  At 5.5kg it would be perfect for taking on the plane like the one I shall board this Tuesday on my way to play in Malta  :headbanger:

Be interested to hear any opinion on this brand and also this amp if any of you have tried it.

Hi guy's,

call me insane right....................but I bid on this insanely rare preamp a few weeks ago and won it outright.  It is a clone of the Rockman XPR.  When I asked the original owner to test the rear input on the unit he did so and suddenly the unit (which was working perfectly up until that point) stops working.  He tried to get it going again for me but unfortunately he was unable.

So he listed the item again but as broken this time and I won it again knowing it was broken.  However I figured an old unit like this may be worth trying to save, particularly how rare it is.  I was hoping with the help of you guys I might be able to get the unit back up and running again.  If not I guess I could sell the unit it on and make my money back, but either way I hope something can be done.

This is how the owner describes the issue:

Was working great until just last week. Now comes on for a short period and works normally before going weird. Sound passing through but you have to switch it on and off to get it going again but same thing happens again after a short time.

May be something simple such an electrolytic cap that has expired and needs replacing? Or one of the chips?

One of the front panel push switches is pushed in and no longer clicking so may be that that needs replaced?

A challenge for someone!!

I got pics of the inside also which I can post later, but let me know what you all think or am I flogging a dead horse?

Rack Gear / Digitech Studio Quad V2
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Hey Fellas,

anyone ever used or had experience with a Digitech Studio QUAD 4?  Looking at this for a new live/studio rig I am building.  I'm using the a Boss SX700 currently and whilst it sounds great I had the level/mix controls.  Way too complex for my liking.  Having used a lot of Boss stuff over the years, this take the biscuit in regards to unnecessarily complicated system of controling effect and dry mix.

Anyways long story short, I want another unit, that does the job, and the digitech maet my live needs as it has a harmonizer on it.  This is not essential in my studio setup since I have multiple great harmonizing units, but since I can't have a huge rack live, a need a unit that can do a basic harmonist function as well as my reverbs and choruses and delays and I stumbled upon this unit as a possiblity.

Anyone any clue about it?  I might be able to pick up a V2 very cheaply.

Eventually live I aim to move to midi control also and have only a midi contoller on the flloor and get rid of my Boss GT5 (it will be kep though for ultra light weight rig options for abroad).

Rack Gear / Repair Butterfly Catch
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Hi guy's, I need to repair a butterfly Catch on a a 3u rack case of mine, does anyone have any idea how I got about doing this?

I've no clue where to get spares or how to fit them.

Any advice would be appreciated as always.

Discussions / Guitar Playing Fatigue
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Hi guy's I am starting this topic so anyone with any contributions at all in the realm of combating guitar playing fatigue can share their tips and solutions here.

I have always suffered a bit of this I have to admit, but now it's getting down right ridiculous.

I played two gigs in a row on Friday and Saturday and on Saturday's gig I was gone by about 4 songs and basically had to wing the rest of the show.  My hand loses all strength.  No pain or anything like that, just cannot keep my fingers locked against the fret board.

Now their are contributing factors to this, the night before we stayed with the band we played a show with who basically kept me awake all night long, and then we had to rise early in the morning to drive across Scotland to get a boat back to Ireland for the next show.  I didn't get any sleep on the boat or whilst driving either.  By the time it came to show time on Saturday I was out on my feet.  This is not ideal circumstances.  So as I mentioned earlier, four songs in my hand was gone.

My left hand has really good grip, and because I lift weights I expect my strength to be pretty good.  I think a combination of playing and being super tense just annihilates my hand to the point I can barely fret chords.  I'm always tense at shows and I cannot help it.

If anyone has any advice or tips to help with this please share here for myself and others who might have issues.  Just so it's clear, I don't have pain issues, just lose all power during most gigs at some point, usually near the end of a set, however occasionally I will get early fatigue like last night in a 10 song set.

I found these links here which may help but I want to hear from you guys on this subject.

Hi guy's some blatant self promotion.

also 29 have sold already of the limited edition green vinyl


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Download codes and link will be emailed on payment.

Shirt size to be requested with your order.

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These will sell out fast so don't hesitate to order now and get the exclusive vinyl colour and free merch!!

Discussions / R.I.P Eddie Clarke
« on: Time Format »
It is beyond a joke now, but...........

R.I.P Eddie Clarke,  massive impact on my life and influence over everything I do in my band.  I really wanted you to live on since we have also lost Philthy Animal and Lemmy and you were our only link to the classic Motorhead line up.

R.I.P man very sad that you are no longer with us!   :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Rants & Raves / Steve Stevens
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Despite being a mega metal head, I do like Billy Idol also!!  And Steve Steven's is a guitarist I've always appreciated.

I found this amazing run down of his rig and interview with Steve from a few years back and it's fascinating.  Not only do you need to be a mad scientist to keep up with all the stuff he has going on but when he plays parts of Billy Idols songs he really shows his skills.  The Rebel Yell into alone left me speechless! How the hell can he play that???????  He play's two different rhythm parts with his right hand!!!

Effects / Re: Digitech tech
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I would love to have heard that Richard!  I reckon it would have sounded excellent.

How did Blackmore do it live?  John lord Harmonize with him?  The only had one guitar so I doubt he could do it all live unless the Keyboards filled it out.

I aint never tried IPS33 without using the loop, you think it will track the same for me?  I play clean enough so I think my tracking would be an issue.

Why is the so called better 33B not so good?  Ruined the purchase for me if I am honest.

As for the tranny, I'd rather see if I could switch the existing ones wiring around for 220v (you know the 220-240 region).

See attached photos Richard.

I've one more gig that involves traveling this year and when that's out of the way (London this weekend) I shall try and mod it. 

Effects / Check this out Biyang X Drive
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I think I mihgt buy this!!

Check it out people!  I have one pedal already by this brand and I think it's awesome, I have the EQ pedal.  But check this amazing OD pedal out, you can even switch chips out to vary the sound even greater, truly a unique feature for any pedal!!!



Discussions / R.I.P Malcome Young
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Just heard the awful news that Malcolm Young has passed away.  R.I.P.  He will be remembered as being a legendary musician and driving force within one of the most important rock bands of all time!!

He was sadly missed when he departed ACDC a few years ago due to dementia and this is just an even more sad event to behold.

Thanks for all the great music Malcolm, we'll always remember you!

Has anyone ever heard of this unit?  I might buy one that is going for a good price but can't find a dam thing about it and I have no idea of it's good or worth it or what?

I have read a few reviews but their pretty  :poop: and basic and not proper indepth.

Thought I'd throw it out there and see if one of you fine fellows knew about it????????

Hi guy's, would one of you kind fellow US ADA Depot heads do me a favour?

I want to buy a mirror scratchplate for my MIM Standard fat strat with Floyd rose.  I want to start playing this guitar again but I kinda wanted to change it cosmetically and fit it out with some dimarzio's (undecided as to what though).

Anyways, why do I need your help? 

Well here in the shitty old UK (now leaving the EU  :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:)
We are only able to get scratchplates done in mirror style for regular strats, that means standard trem, not the wider Floyd rose version.  This is f**king ridiculous.  I asked some fellow Europeans in Netherlands if they could sell me one, but to my dismay they said "no FR versions just standard".


That leaves me with the US option.  No problems right?  Of course not.  I have ordered all kinds of things from the US without issue apart from f**king guitars where I got raped £100 import tax (never ever again).

Anyways, I found a scratchplate, done up to the size I need, the FR trem size and done in a mirror!   :thumb-up:

oh yeah now we are rocking guys!

NOT!  When I go to buy this scratch plate, suddenly the postage shoots up like $39.95 just to get a light piece of plastic with some foil on it sent to the humble shores of Northern Ireland.

Now this is ridiculous considering the weight of the object.  However US postage is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was wondering, can someone in the US allow me to order this scratchplate, then have it sent to them for FREE!!!!!  Then they send the scratchplate to me, and I will reimburse them the shipping cost?

Please let me know guys as I am not paying TNT custom guitars another $39.95 for a flimsy lightweight package to be sent to me.

said scratchplate

please let me know guy's I would be eternally grateful?

Just thought I'd stick this song on here since it's just out yesterday

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