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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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I recently did the noise mod on my MP-1 and now I'm having some weird sound issues...

After replacing the caps and 2 op amps I turned the amp on, started playing and thought "yeah, nice distortion" but the I realized I was on my clean preset :o. Well it turned out the op-amps had too much bandwith (10 MHz I think), but after turning the gain settings down it sounded good again.

But after a while the sound became somewhat muddy and lost it's punch. At first I thought the reason might be the op-amps, so I searched on eBay and got some TL072IN (the ones recommended in the noise mod document). I just installed them (IC sockets are great!) and the problem's still there. It's hardly noticeable when playing clean, but on mid-gain settings it's starting to become a problem.

And on high gain it's really awful. I have a EMG PA-2 preamp booster on my guitar, which gives the guitar signal just a flat boost. I use this to kick in some more gain when needed or to overdrive my cleans a bit. That already worked really nice before the mod, and now it turns my mid/high-gain sound to some ugly, muddy crap. Almost sounds like some kind of clipping, but I'm not sure about this, it's really hard to describe.

Any thoughts on this issue? Did I accidentally damage some components? I really don't know what to do now... :-[
Thanks in advance

Introduce Yourself / Hey hey hey
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Hey guys, I'm Deregorn an I'm new to this site. Just got a MP-1 from eBay and now I'm in love :D

I hope to get some good tips on modding the hell out of it.


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