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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Buy & Sell ADA Gear / FS: MXC | Quad | 4x4
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All work perfectly. Condition and prices (USD) as described below:
  • MXC - VG - 100
  • Quad - MINT - 40
  • 4X4 - Fair/Good (dent on bottom and missing foot) - 20


I'll ship anywhere from USA. Buyer pays. Also listed on Reverb (as a lot)

Buy & Sell ADA Gear / WTB - CCP >CLOSED<
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Looking for CCP. I've found one online. Maybe $93 shipped is fair, but it seems a bit high based on some past sales. Figured I would at least throw it out here and perhaps give my money to a member rather than some store. Thanks!

Basses / The Potomuss Bass-O-Rama
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Part I:

95 Carvin LB70 (blue) - Dumped stock bridge and electronics for Hipshot Kickass bridge and Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pups w/STC-3P preamp.
92 Carvin LB75 (black) - Stock in this picture, but will get the same treatment as above.
91 Carvin LB75F (white) - Stock fretless with white nylon flats.
95 Hamer B12L (black) - 12 string. No way to describe how much I love this bass.
89 Fender USA Precision Plus (blue) - EMG BQC preamp with active EMG pups at 18v.

Introduce Yourself / Greetings!
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I forgot to introduce myself when I joined. In my defense I was focused on repairing my MB-1 so...

I've been an ADA player since '93. Thousands of gigs on my MB-1 and it never once let me down. Heck it's so dependable I never even owned a backup amp. Recently I sold my original unit and used the funds to purchase another identical unit with the must have mods. It arrives in a few days so I can't wait to hear it. Being without an MB-1 for a whole week just seemed strange. I don't think I'll ever want to be without one.

Beyond that I grew up a straight up rock bassist with a love of most other forms of music. I also dig synthesizers. Some of my favorite bands are Rush, Kings X, Cheap Trick, Tesla, Beatles. I was exposed to jazz via Jaco and find a lot of nice things to listen to in that world, although I don't really have any favorites in particular. Not a fan of EDM, rap or county.

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