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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Check your work, my guess something has happend.

No need to add caps.These opamps have a miller capacity inside to avoid oscillations. I have put in lot's of these in MP-1's and never had these problems.

Got some more info about the patches you use where this happends (settings and stuff)?

To measure the noise generated by the MP-1 itself you need to unplug the input.

Did you measure this noise with the guitar plugged in?

Well you could replace all the resistors with metal film, also replace those 33µF caps on the tubeboard with 10µF except C13.

Yes these are 2SK364 (in rare cases 363), but why do you want to change these?
Same with Q3/4, no need to change them, if they work they work.

Buy & Sell ADA Gear / Re: WTB - CCP
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Normally any expression pedal will work. (no volume pedals!!)

Thanks, I built it myself!  :lol:

Bwahahahaha good one  :thumb-up:

Well your trem looks different then mine. Now the problem was that the hook that goes into the saddle was to big (not much) so I had to file it down a bit to get it to fit.
But works like a charm now.

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Nice stage BTW.

Got the EJK1000 in last week and ... it doesn't work for floyd trems. But since this is a nice tool I took out my file and filed it down  so it works. It's not a big deal to do.

Troubleshooting Problems / Re: Viper trouble
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A transistor can be tested with a multimeter that has a diode check. Look around on the net on how to do this. It's fairly easy. Now this only works for transistors ,not fet's or mosfet's.

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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I know that it's not easy to find a light, loud and good sounding amp. At some point you always have to sacrifice something.

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Well and I speak from personal experience, a 90W SS amp isn't loud and you may disappointed with it when it comes to volume. Now on the other hand for live use you don't need a lot of watts when you're mic'd up.

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Well Gerry, heard this all before, the only amp that sounds like a tube amp is... a tube amp. The rest is marketing talk. I'm not saying that these are bad amps but a SS amp will never, ever react like a tube amp even with some preamp tubes in it.

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