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Original MP-1 / Re: Muddy/Mushy bass - HELP!!
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Thanks, I'll give that a shot.A trip to the Docs might be more money then just getting another.  :(

Original MP-1 / Muddy/Mushy bass - HELP!!
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Hey everyone! I just got a ADA MP-1 (again). I missed that killer sound. However, I don't remember that bass being so mushy. I've tried multiple types of tubes and nothing really mattered. I pretty much have to lower the gain so much to clean up/tighten up the bass that it's not usable for rock tones. Is there a component gone bad? Something I can replace??  I have the Bass at 2, Mids at -2, treble at 6 and presence at 8. OD1 at 8, OD2 at 7, master at 5.5.
Tubes: JJ HG in V1 and Electro Harmonix in V2. Playing a ESP horizon with Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge.

Any help would be appreciated!


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