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Well when I said designed for a mixing desk I was simply reiterating what the manual states
balanced output provides 600ohm, transformer balanced signal to be used as "direct" patch into mixing consoles, tape recorders, etc.  The signal at this point has been frequency compensated for low noise operation.

To me it would be easier to plug the xlr into the xlr on the 502 since the connection is the same.  And I figured mixer input tolerances are a lot more forgiving than older equipment, well at least that's what I have been told.  But regardless of that, I'm fine putting a balanced output into a balanced input.  I have already tried this xlr out into an xlr input on my multitrack and there was no issue with levels as I expected.

Not sure why you think I need a cab sim either, I'm using guitar cabs.  A speaker sim would be a hindrance to my setup.

The Mp1 loop is parallel then?  If I have a send come from the rockmaster the signal needs to return other wise I'd get no output as they are series.  So I wouldn't use a send to have a signal for dry sent to the mixer.

Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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Well the blackstar is great.  Very very dark sounding in my direct recording setup but I can EQ that.  Very creamey and songey feeling.  It reminds me a lot of how my rocktron velocity amp suddenly made my live rig sound and feel when I first got it.  Spongey and everything was easy to play.  I find the distortion nowhere near as aggressive as all the videos I have watched online using the pedal which is strange.  It must be how I eq things as it sounds or my setup or something because it just sounds super smooth to me and non abrasive.  I like that about 2 oclock on the drive was the spot for me, sometimes I'd drop it back, sometimes I'd dial a bit more in, but never at the full amount.  Full amount still kinda usuable but thankfully I'm smart enough to know I don't need extra noise  :thumb-up:  Good pedal, hopefully I can sort the darkness out when I integrate into my live flight rig!  I wonder what it will sound like with an OD in front?   :???:

I have a 1222 but the whole idea is small as possible, I don't want any excess beef.  So I went for the 502.

I'm not sure what mean by this
use the Rockmaster normal out (or MP1  >:D ) into the ch1 line in (as the XLR out should be cab simmed and will lack tops without a full range speaker system).

Do you think the Rockmaster has a speaker sim on the XLR out?  It doesn't.  It's pure signal.  So I would use that to go to channel 1 then send the normal Rockmaster out to the FX, then make the FX pure we on FX unit and run left (ch2) and right (ch3) to the 502.  Then get my mix using level controls, then use the main mix out to send to my power amp.

I'm not sure how I would use the MP1 with this is it doesn't have a parallel output unless I use out A to go to channel 1 on 502 and then out B to FX, then FX to 502 etc.

Dam, I stupidly got confused that the level control to the mix were the input gain for the channels.  My mistake Richard.  Although I do not for see an issue as this is what the output on FX processor can control in this case like you mentioned before.  This arrangement is a future/possible live setup.  I would record without FX usually and sure I have that SX700 that allows all those parallel connections should I want to records with FX.

Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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Oh without doubt they are more expensive.  The blaskstar new is over double the amount I paid for it.  The price of ADA MP1 channel is way more,  it's like 4 times.  That unit would have been an option but not common enough in the UK for the price to be cheap enough for me to afford it.  Lets see how I get on with the Blaskstar.  I nearly bought the dual which is a clean/crunch + distortion channel version but I wanted to make sure I had enough distortion on tap so went for the Distx model.  Although I hear these blackstars take boosts in front well go extra distortion can be found.  Hopefully I will only use about half of that the Distx provides.

Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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No this is regarding something other than the Radial Tonebone which I bought and tried and didn't work out, so ultimately we are talking about pedal sized preamps for my flight rig and the latest being the Blackstar DistX.  So this should hopefully do the trick as it's a high voltage (300v) tube pedal.

All channels have a level control and pan control Richard.  I don't see overloading being a problem.  That xlr out is designed to go to desks says that even in the manual. 

Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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Well I'm hoping the thing has the amount of distortion I need, and stay's and feels good when it's pushed to extremes.  I don't foresee me using all the gain on this pedal (if the amounts it is supposed to have are to be believed), so in that case if the pedal can keep the integrity together then we will be winning!  I forsee bumping mids up as usual, keeping low end just enough to have weight and having enough high to allow clear detail and definition without things getting harsh.  I'll sound nothing like the guy in the vids but with the controls and capabilities it has should hopefully be able to dial in my sound.

Och I aint a fan of Blackstar, but I'm not petty enough to hide the name.  In fact the seem so popular it will probably get me some kudos with some a-hole who loves the brand  :lol:  At the end of the day if it works for me it will be the most important thing.  This would reduce my flight rig considerably, I would only have a floor FX unit with this pedal in the loop as my pre and then a power amp to travel with plus my axe!  All about the rig development these days!

Well my Rockmaster has a direct XLR output that is specifically for being sent to the desk, so this can go to channel 1 and then left+right 1/4" jack outs from FX can go into channels 2/3.

Got Xenyx 502 Richard, gonna play about with the parallel thing although not sure I can do everything I want but worth an experiment since I got the mixer cheap.

Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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SC I guess I'm paranoid about going back to a digital preamp lol  I nearly bit the bullet on the Mooer a few times!

But I got a deal on this

Dante if yer reading "But I have a blackstar"..............jesus  :facepalm:  I still think their amps are shit  :lol:  But this pedal sounded like I might be able to use it as my main pre for my flight rig!

Ming you it is so hard to find a video that is of any use to me in regards to what the pedal would sound like if I owned it as all these metal guys play in stupid dropped tunings and its impossible to tell what the pedal actually sounds like.  The video above and his other video were probably the best I could find in saying that I think he's in dropped D in one of them.

So lets see what this pedal can offer me once it arrives.  I considered also Ibanez tk999ht and variants such as the Maxon 880 (based on the older TK999US).

Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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Well my other idea is blown out of the water now also!  The guy didn't want me to buy his dual tube pedal because of how I was planning to use it (in the loop of my Boss GT5 as part of my light flying rig).

So f*ck that.

My other alternate was this

But I've read too many bad things about it now along with good that I'm wary about it.

Soloist, never worry man, the Hot British is really good, I think it's amazing actually.  But I just cannot get that level of distortion I need.  It can't take a boost either so that totally rules it out.  Had it been able to take a boost I'd be in business.  I was hoping I could get something like I get with my MP1 with OD in front, but alas it was not to be  >:(  I do however say this pedal is like a marshall in a pedal, or pretty close for what it actually is.  But once you go past 2 o clock on the drive to get the maximum gain the unit is capable off, the dynamics get squashed big time and you have that awful "pumping" sensation I experienced with the Hafler T2 preamp.

I'm sad it didn't work out and sadder I have no real clear affordable solution in mind.

Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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Well I think I will sell the tonebone and try this out

Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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Well as with all my gear I try it direct in first.

My home setup consists of rack gear and then a speaker sim last in the chain (in my case an Impulse drivin stereo sim called the Logitech Epsi).

So I had my guitar straight into the Tonebone, then into an EQ (which was bypassed) then into a Hush IICX then into a Boss SX700.

My settings were, level up the full way, High about 80%, Low 20%, Contour 50%, Voicing set to Fat, Top End set to Flat, Mid Boost set to Out.  And like this I could not set drive past 2 o clock which is about 65%.

I'll try the level down and see what happens.

Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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So been trying this pedal out, it totally captures the marshal sound, it's actually amazing sounding.  But as soon as I go past 2 o clock on the drive, mush!  Dynamics die and mush horrible overly compressed feel happens and that almost ducking sensation you get with too much compression.

This is a real shame as it had the sound and the tone I wanted/needed, but just not the amount of usable distortion.

I thought perhaps if I dial back into the safe territory with the drive and then use a boost this might do the job.  Not it didn't really.  Not as much mush, but it's in the back ground and it just doesn't feel right.

I really cannot emphasise enough though, this is actually a really good marshall in a pedal device, but the last few rungs on the distortion ladder are not usable in my opinion.  Put it this way, when I boost my MP1 I don't get this mush sound even full on with my OD pedal level!  The right amount is about half way but the point is I can push harder, where as with the Hotbritish, I can't push.  I even used an EQ.  No deal.

Soloist not sure how you get your boost to work, do tell?

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