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Original MP-1 / Re: Fixing Richards 240v MP-1
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Thanks , I'll change the diodes Just in case. That could be it as it was just on boot up it was locking up at the ADA screen going no where. cheers.

Original MP-1 / Re: Fixing Richards 240v MP-1
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Plugged it in again this morning- still working ?  :o
I'll keep it on the bench for a while and see what happens.( intermittent problems are a pain! )
n.bYou must have touched the tubes supply or the 240 input to get zapped.  Wakes you up doesn't it ;-)

Original MP-1 / Re: Fixing Richards 240v MP-1
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first post here ,thanks Richard.Richard has kindly supplied all the service info for it ..The MP1 was getting to the ada screen and locking up . I checked the power supply rails and all were o.k. 15v / 5v and others seemed o.k.The  caps in the area o.k. with esr meter I have not checked with the cro for ripple but I decided to heat the board up in the power supply and main area and it booted up and started working again. So still guessing caps somewhere at the moment.Has anyone else seen this fault ?no sense in reinventing the wheel :-)

In the morning I'll see if its locks up again when cooler and try and pinpoint the area better - I think its most likely where the tubes are as caps look like they have been cooking up a bit with the heat.
Will keep you posted . cheers.

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