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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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Buy & Sell ADA Gear / ADA Digitizer 4
« on: Time Format »
Hi All ADA Digitizer 4 up for grabs  no footswitches so I guess offers open not sure what its worth I am in the U.S. southern California to be exact thanks steve .

Discussions / Re: Time Format Issue
« on: Time Format »
Thanks Admin its been bugging me not knowing dates.

Discussions / Re: Rig Pix
« on: Time Format »
That is an interesting setup bet it sounds great with the cabinets wired like that

Yes he was good at what he did and again one of my favorite bands he was very good at his job in Ratt RIP even though I liked warren for different reasons as well.

Very good song Orkun LA Guns when of my alltime favorite bands

Thanks for all the help on this stuff so now I think in I'm on the right track but I am now trying some things with the Yamaha mv802 first of all misplaced I'm sure where should I ask routing questions. I think this is likey a Richard question since he runs mixers in his rack witch I never thought of lol.lets do a new thread lol but where steve

hello any large or medium shirts left

Original MP-1 / Re: 2.01 eprom
« on: Time Format »
nevermind I got it thanks

Introduce Yourself / Re: new
« on: Time Format »
Welcome Danny you are gonna find the best of advice and knowledge regarding the best amplification systems made ever here.

Original MP-1 / Re: 2.01 eprom
« on: Time Format »
no I just installed it popped it in turned it on and was bare so I rewrote most patches how would you load them on the chip thanks steve

Original MP-1 / 2.01 eprom
« on: Time Format »
Hello all was just wondering when I upgraded my mp-1 eprom it had no factory presets is that normal I'm just curious thanks steve

Thanks for posting guys that was a real blast from the past I used to collect those like magazines when I was a kid I remember all those old pictures and interviews.

I'm sure this is not the place but I want to thank everyone who has helped me out on my rig.So since this is still introduce yourself i do have a couple questions how do I add an avatar and also how do i earn up in in ranks I am just not sure how it all works It seems i cant find anything on my  account page. Thanks in advance . Steve in souther california.

Thanks for the  input MJMP when I get it I will compare side by side.

so here  is what I did that Yamaha mv802 works good a little crunchy I cleaned the pots last night well see running mp1 and mp2 separately of course and I bought a digitizer that came with a DS-4 question is what unit is better digitizer  or s1000 for delay regen on pitchtrack I haven't gotten it yet. Thanks in advance

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