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Title: MP1 eq settings with TC Gmajor
Post by: rnolan on March 02, 2014, 03:39:17 AM
Ok, so just had a great jam/rehearsal on the weekend.  The other guitarist (Mike) has my old MP1 and currently connects it Guitar (Gibson Les Paul (classic/custom?)) > MP1 > G Maj > B200s > stereo cab.  I've been encouraging him to up his sound (he's being a bit shy around me I think as he's only just stared to get back into playing, and I taught him to play back in 1989 when I met him at Uni), bit more distortion and bit more bottom end.  He's ended up with a patch that has the bass +16, mid -16, treb +10, pres +9 and it still sounds too middy (but better than before) so WTF, is the G maj interfering (we'll do some testing), just wondering, as there's a few of you guys who use a G maj with MP1 if you've had any similar issues ?  He's not using the G maj eq (well not intentionally) but it could be yet another downside of cascading gear.