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Title: Mod 4 vs 3TM
Post by: gb on August 30, 2019, 03:58:22 PM
Hi Guys

Hopefully ive posted in the right area. So ive read the mod descriptions and variations of it and the MOD4 mkII is quite appealing when it mentioned "glam" and "lynch" . Although i really thought my stock(assuming as looks all original) sounded pretty 80's and covered all the hairband type sounds. So pretty happen with it.

So im wondering what the difference would be with MOD4 before i attempted it. Are there sound clips...?

.... now i still have mt 3TM mod kit (thanks MJMP) from about 4+ years ago which i havent installed yet. So i wonder whether the 3TM can do the glam hairband marshall mod 4 type sound anyway. I cant remember why i got the 3TM as i dont need more gain and find the stock version with plenty (especially paired with el34s cranked.. hot rodded marshall all the way even just on patch 1)

Whats everyone's thoughts? The 3TM is quite an extensive mod so hesitant but looks pretty and its just sitting there.

I have a mixed bag of MP1's:

#1 MP1 - someone did the mod3 before i bought it .. and it just sounds rubbish, mostly sounds like clean with slight break up and thats it.. i dont like it all. could be another issue?

#2 MP1 - stock - my best all rounder, no issues.  Have dialled in some great live marshall type sounds that come alive with el34s cranked. i installed mdrt (still dont feel like it made a difference) - sounds great.. until next one.

#3 MP1 - stock - standard PS - panel button querkyness but works - my best sounding mp1. better than above like ALOT better..almost what i would think a MOD4 would sound like based on the description (wondering if someone has changed something in there before i bought it. I will check components). Very hotrodded marshall hairy type crunch even with lower gain. factory patch 1 sounds insane compared to #2 MP1.. then patch 30/60 even more insane. Makes #2 sound like its lacking in ever aspect.  If thats a stock mp1 then awesome.. if its modded then id love to investigate whats changed in comparison to #2 so i can make #2 like that. I have changed PS, tubes but its something in the unit (maybe in the tube board?).

All are V2 MP1s

Heres my plan..

#1 MP1 - mod to 3TM or MOD4 (??) incl noise mod kitv2
#2 MP1 - remove MDRT and put standard PS back in and leave the MDRT if i do the 3TM in #1. just do noise modv2
#3 MP1 - leave as is as its my best sounding MP1. Just do the noise mod kit providing this doesnt change anything with the sound. Use the MDRT for this unit if i dont do 3TM above.

Title: Re: Mod 4 vs 3TM
Post by: Kim on August 31, 2019, 07:49:19 AM
Ah, choices.   Always fun to get sorted!

Here's my opinions:    First, swap out that "quirky" front panel on the #3 MP-1 that is currently impressing you the most?  Make that one perfectly functional and leave the rest of it alone if there are no other issues with the unit.    (Use the front panel from the MOD 3 unit)

#2 MP-1 gets your choice of 3TM or MOD4, and leave the MDRT in it for now.

#1 MP-1 needs some work.  Might be a faulty Mod or Mod Install, or might be the Mod is in a faulty unit.  Btw, there's an update on the MOD3 to MOD3.1 that improves the lead tones of that Mod....but if the unit is faulty to begin with then a Tone Mod won't help.  Maybe return the unit to stock specs then get it sorted from there?   Once it is back to good working order, mod it to whichever Mod you didn't install in #2 MP-1.  Now you can swap the MDRT between the #1 and #2 MP-1 to see which one likes it better.  Be prepared to make this one a "Parts Only" unit if things go sideways.  I see nothing wrong with having a Parts Only MP-1 when you have two other badass MP-1s.....
Title: Re: Mod 4 vs 3TM
Post by: gb on August 31, 2019, 01:11:28 PM
Good plan. I did think to swap the front panel but wasnt sure if it was difficult and glued in and whether it was easier to take the pcb guts oit and transplant THAT into the the unit.

I do want to put the noise kit through #3 as there is a bit of noise. Not so bad at bedroom levels but stage it gets noisey as opposed to #2. #2 has a leaky cap so might as well put the noise kit thru it..

Have a new found excitement for the mp1 since hearing #3. Ive been playing through  a vox ac30c2x lately which im very impressed with but i cant forget my roots..the mp1. Ive bought and sold marshalls ..dual rectos amd soldano x88rs..but ive always come back to the mp1!!
Title: Re: Mod 4 vs 3TM
Post by: MarshallJMP on September 01, 2019, 01:23:31 AM
The mod 4 is sort of the little brother of the 3TM but the 3TM sounds better and is less noisy. I also would would pair up the MDRT with the 3TM.
Title: Re: Mod 4 vs 3TM
Post by: gb on September 01, 2019, 02:24:06 AM
The mod 4 is sort of the little brother of the 3TM but the 3TM sounds better and is less noisy. I also would would pair up the MDRT with the 3TM.

Ok thats good to know. I have the 3tm kit and mdrt so i might as well do it.
Title: Re: Mod 4 vs 3TM
Post by: gb on September 30, 2019, 11:54:59 PM
ok a little update which follows on from my shoutout to MJMP for his assistance (you need to change your name to MP1 Whisperer).

So i tried to restore my #1 (from the list above) MP1 with the mod3.. boy major fail. it came back to stock mp1 sound but with a major HUM. MJMP helped me go through some troubleshooting but ultimately ended up trying the 3tM board (yep its still in the box from a few years ago) .. without the full install just the tube board to see if the hum is still there. HUM gone.. and wholy crap .. now this unit has that extra quelch (is that the right word) just this tone thats out of this world and better than my amazing #3 unit. So its safe to say that my #2 good unit isnt as good as it could be and id say its something on the tube board. Im going to test this theory with another stock tube board. It sounds like a blanket is over the speakers with that unit. Until i heard #1 and #3 i thought that was the MP1 sound .. but geez now its my sucky unit. looking forward to seeing if sound changes with a different tube board. There must be a component on their causing this "blanket".

Anyway.. just when i thought my first ever MP1 (#2) was awesome .. 10 years later i discover .. noo THIS is what it should sound like .. soooo awesome. I will take these to my grave.

So anyway.. yeah thats where Im at.

Thanks again MJMP for the help and direction and offers.
Title: Re: Mod 4 vs 3TM
Post by: vansinn on October 01, 2019, 03:39:37 AM
I'm a Bit curious as to the partial 3TM install.
Do elaborate on which part of the 3TM was installed and what's not..
Title: Re: Mod 4 vs 3TM
Post by: gb on October 01, 2019, 04:04:00 AM
Hey mate.. just installed the tube board only. No other changes. Oh wait..i am using the mdrt too as i needed to try a different 220v ps and thats all i had. It was all i had to try and see if its tube board related.
Title: Re: Mod 4 vs 3TM
Post by: vansinn on October 01, 2019, 10:44:47 AM
I see (I think ;) )
So just the board..  just wondering how the 3TM board alone changes the MP1.