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A nice dose of Uriah Heap live, July Morning.... :whoohoo!:

Original MP-1 / Re: What FX Are You Using
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There are so many options these days.  When I bought my quadverb it was the only thing around that did 4 effects at the same time and I was trying to get away from lots of pedals/power supplies etc and simplify my rig.  It's been a great unit for many years.  I've also got an alesis midiverb 4 which seems very capable although I've not played around with it much.  More recently I was given a TC M-One XL which can do 2 effects (eg delay + reverb).  It's very nice and is now in my recording rack.  I've also heard good things about the TC G Major.  Recent posts regarding lexicon devices would indicate they are very good also.  I always loved the Lark 224X reverb in the studio (and live), they were the bees knees back when I was learning audio engineering but expensive.  Digitech also made some good gear.

Hi Charlie, depending on the output of your Hammonds, you could use the MP1 line in jack on the back of the unit, probably a better gain match than the front input and better signal to noise.  The MP1 patch 1 (Marshall) should give you close to the classic John Lord deep purple sound.  The quadverb has a hammond leslie effect also to simulate the spinning speaker 8)

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech IPS 33
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Hi El Chiguete, a friend of mine bought the Behringer controler pedal to use with his MP1, apparently it's got lots of cool patch options (he's very happy with it).  With the MP1 or MP2 you can program any change number to the midi out for any given patch recieved (eg recieved 100 on midi in, unit changes to 100, midi thru sends 100, midi out 40 (or whatever you set it to)).  There are lots of ways to do it.  As I said I used to have lots of different harmonies patched for various songs, these days I keep it simple with just an octave up/down.
Regarding my setup, by using the mixer and it's 3 effects sends gives the result you refer to (obviously depending how you route the various signals).  So I do:  MP2 L/R outs into mixer ch 1/2 (pan left/right to mixer main outs which feed power amp ins), aux send 1 and 2 I send to quadverb L/R ins and aux 3 I send to IPS33 in (mono).  The quadverb L/R outs return down ch 3/4 (paned L/R to main outs) and the IPS33 outs (harm 1 & 2) return down ch 5/6 (again paned L/R to main outs).  ch 1 (MP2 L) send to aux 1 (left channel effects) and aux 3 (IPS33 in (so IPS is getting straight MP2 left channel, no external effects)). ch 2 (MP2 R) send to aux 2 (right channel effects) and again aux 3 (IPS33 in (so IPS is getting straight MP2 right channel, no external effects)).  ch 5/6 (IPS returns) send to aux 1 & 2 respectively so the IPS outs 1/2 are also fed to quadverb L/R ins so the harmonies get effects (delay, reverb) (and of course careful not to turn up aux 3 on IPS returns to avoid earsplitting feedback loop  ;) ).  So this way I then adjust the channel volumes to suit (ie mix it).  If I want more/less IPS or quadverb I just adjust their channel vols. Does that make it a bit clearer ?

Discussions / Re: So Glad!!
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Hey KramerTamer, welcome, good to see we are starting to build some momentum with the new site :whoohoo!:

Discussions / Re: Merry Christmas!!!
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Merry xmas all, a bit warmer for me being in oz  :thumb-up:

MP-2 Patches / Re: Software for edit patches?
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There was someone who started to develop an editing program for the MP2 on the old site, quite a while ago, seemed to be getting somewhere and then just disappeared.  No idea where it all went in the end but unfortunately we didn't get the program.  We need someone who's a SYSEX head to whip one up.

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech IPS 33
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Hi El Chiguete.  I'm not that familiar with newer harmonisers but it probably compares quite well even though it's quite an old unit.  I bought it many years ago (~25 or so).  Its never missed a beat over thousands of gigs so very reliable. Back then it was the bees knees and affordable.  Other units of the day were very expensive.  I think I paid around $500 AUD back then so it wasn't cheap even though I got it on sale.  It's main claim to fame was being a smart shift i.e. you tell it what key/scale you want and it adjust the various harmonies (intervals) to match the key/scale.  So I set up some banks with harmonies in various keys (E, A, B, G, F# etc) to suit the set list.  It gives you 2 separate selectable/programable harmonies per patch (2 above, 1 above 1 below, 2 below) and can also do a very nice chorus (without modulation).  It's mono in (guitar/line selectable) and you get the 2 outs.  It also has a distortion loop on the input so you can plug the guitar directly into the input and put a distortion device (in my case MP1 in the early days and now MP2) in the loop.  This was to assist in tracking the note as harmonisers can struggle to get the right pitch from distorted guitar.  I ran it like that initially (with MP1 in its loop) the return feed from the 3rd effects send of the little mixer I use (see post on how do you connect your rack gear).  All I/O is on the back of the unit so it was a bit of a pain to have to plug the guitar in from the back so I stopped using the loop and it still tracks fine.  I found the interface easy to use and well laid out.  It only has 99 patch locations so these days I set it on a octave up and down and use ADA patches above 100 so it ignores midi changes and I use a bypass switch to include it when playing.  My unit has a little physical hum as the transformer vibrates the top cover, if I take the cover off it stops, a bit annoying but you can't hear it when playing.  It also has a tuner function, not bad but not as good a peterson strobe tuner but better than Roland tuners which have quite wide dead zones.  Digitech made a foot switch for it but I've not used one.
So in summary, very reliable, programable for lots of different scales/keys (including augmented and diminished), 2 harmonies, tracks well even playing fast and has the distortion loop if your sound is too distorted for it to track reliably.
You can hear it (, I play the 3rd guitar solo.  I think I had it set to a minor 3rd in G (one of the patches I ran up for highway star).  This was live in a warehouse and my original MP1.
Cheers Richard

No worries, I'll post in the rack gear section  :thumb-up:

I used to bother a bit, I'd select a patch that approximated e.g. dirty patch for US west coast rock etc (see my old rhythm patch in the MP2 patches) and sometimes try to match the delay if it was important.  These days I don't bother too much, the 3 sounds I'm using seem to cover most things.  Also I don't generally learn solos, I just play my own and generally never the same thing twice.  The only one I spent time learning was Highway Star (purple), I even ran up 10 patches in my harmoniser to cover the second guitar part but I couldn't change the patches fast enough (so I just went with a minor 3rd), I would have had to sequence it and I'm not fond of playing with sequences etc as they are so rigid (and to me that's not music).

I haven't played with an MB1 but if it's similar to the MP1 then SS is a voice option so run up a new patch and select SS as the voice (although I assume there is a SS factory patch, probably a few).
Tubes are very subjective and you can end up with quite a few "spares" working out what's best for you.  I put boogie str tubes in my old MP1 and they were great.  I tried some in my MP2 and they were also good but seemed to break up a bit on the low e.  Doug's tubes reconed they were JJ but with boogie they could be a variety.  I finally settled on the New Sensor Mullard 12 AX7 re-issues and I love them.  They would be good in an MB1.  You can also use 2 different tubes (as I think Dante does in his MP2) to get the sound you want.  The tubes in the ADA pre-amps give you 4 stages of gain (2 in each tube).  Some of the guys here have played around with various combinations.  My tendency would be to put a lower gain tube before a higher gain tube.
Another thought, are you running much compression in your patches ?  And if so what ratio ?  High compression ratios and a low threshold (ie all the signal being compressed) would add noise as the noise floor will be elevated compared to the signal.  Easy to check though, just turn the compressor off in the patch.
Another thing that can add noise is not having the gain structure optimised.  Anyway new tubes wont hurt and may well solve your problem.

MP-2 Patches / Richards MP2 Patches
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Ok at Wills request here are the 3 MP2 patches I currently use, these patches are for Ultasonic Reference Series pick ups which aren't made anymore.  The early Tom Anderson guitars had them, now he makes his own.  They are very "flat" pickups not middy like other PUs so you may have to compensate a little to get the best from these patches. :thumb-up:

Main Rhythm Patch (and lead, I use the volume pedal to crank up for solos')
Voice    5 Warm Vintage
Drive    90
OD    N/A
Master    65
Comp    Out
Lo     +2
Mid    -8
Hi     +8
Pres    0
100 Hz    0
170    0
280    -2
470    0
800    0
1.3khz    -2
2.2    -2
3.8   +2
6.3    0
Wah    out
Trem    out
NR    out
Chorus    In depth 100, rate 0.0hz
EffLoop    In   

Lead Patch (used to be my main rhythm patch)
Voice    9 Ultra High Gain
Drive    70
OD    100
Master    77
Comp    Out
Lo     +2
Mid    -6
Hi     +6
Pres    +6
100 Hz    0
170     +2
280    -6
470    -2
800    -2
1.3kHz    -2
2.2    -4
3.8     +2
6.3    -2
Wah    Out
Trem    Out
NR    In, Fader, Thres 25
Chorus    In Depth 100, rate 0.0
EffLoop    Out

My Clean sound (Note: this also relies on particular guitar settings.  Ultrasonic PUs (3s ie single coil shaped but dual coil), Neck Series, Middle Parallel
(and it's as low as I can make it in the guitar so I don't hit it with the pick (ala Blackmore)))  Bridge off. Very "glassy" sound.  On my Anderson, each PU
has a 3 pos switch, down coils in series, middle off, up coils in parallel
Voice    1 Crystal Clean
Drive    37
OD    N/A
Master    66
Comp    In 10:1, Thres 52, Gain 50
Lo     +4
Mid    0
Hi     +4
Pres     +6
100 Hz    +4
170    0
280    0
470    0
800    0
1.3kHz    0
2.2    0
3.8     +2
6.3     +6
Wah    Out
Trem    Out
NR    Out
Chorus    In Depth 60%, Rate 0.3Hz
Eff Loop Out

Introduce Yourself / Re: W.Laturno
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Hi Will, welcome to the depot  :thumb-up:
Cheers Richard

Hi W.Laturno.  Welcome to the land of ADA.  After all these years I still think the MP2 is the best valve pre-amp ever made.  I liked my MP1 also (as do many who visit this site :-) ).  I'll put my current 3 patches in the MP2 patches section.  There are a bunch of patches in my old MP1 that I ran up from scratch and refined over many gigs, I'll get its current owner to put them up as well as he hasn't changed any of them.
Cheers Richard

Basses / Re: My new BASS guitar
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Nice  :thumb-up: particularly like the strat (but then I'm a guitar head) very cool basses  ;)

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