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Original MP-1 / Backup MP-1
« on: Time Format »
Hi all I purchased from reverb a mp-1 Version 2.1 and he said previous owner installed the 3.66 and noise mod my question is this what should ibe looking for on the board to see these have been done. Thanks in advance steve

Buy & Sell ADA Gear / ADA Digitizer 4
« on: Time Format »
Hi All ADA Digitizer 4 up for grabs  no footswitches so I guess offers open not sure what its worth I am in the U.S. southern California to be exact thanks steve .

Original MP-1 / 2.01 eprom
« on: Time Format »
Hello all was just wondering when I upgraded my mp-1 eprom it had no factory presets is that normal I'm just curious thanks steve

Discussions / noisy pitchtraq
« on: Time Format »
hi all just bought a pitchtraq and it is so unusably noisy any ideas? I already started my mp-2 fixes but that's on hold waiting for a part until January had to find another project.

and an extremely noisy pitchtraq

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