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Need a Schematic? Check the Vault *MP-1 Classic Schematics Just Added!!

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 on: Today at 09:53 PM 
Started by GuitarBuilder - Last post by van Sinn
Well I was reading in the paper a week ago an article about the fact that people are becoming more stupid in the past 2 decades , so maybe they are right  :lol:

And it's absolutely true. It's part of an agenda towards New World Order, executed through controlled media.

In the US, six banks and a few corporations owns almost the whole top of the press, networks, social media, Hollywood..
In the EU, a number of years ago the whole top of the press were summoned to a closed EU meeting where they were told, "from now on you'll learn to adhere to the concept of self-censuring, it you can't work this out, there will be laws about it".

So, through controlled main stream press, controlled info, controlled product advertisements, controlled music, film and talk shows, and especially controlled TV, the population has purposefully been dummified.
One of the elite's mantras from the beginning stated, "we want a TV set in every home, for dumming-down the population."

This, and other mantras, have been written into available texts - if we only know where to look.
Finding out about how this whole scheme works require a massive time investment, but can only be done once we start seeing things, and starts asking, whatonearthishappening (.com - there's actually a website with that name. boilingfrog is another, and loads more..).

I've spend the latter 6½ years peek'n'poking all of this (now writing a book on it), so i didn't get it from conspiracy theory or fake news..

 on: Today at 09:08 PM 
Started by herbyguitar - Last post by herbyguitar
@ MarshallJMP : I'm worried about the noise and whether I would actually use that much gain. I'm thinking a cranked tube power amp will go a long way in complementing the MP1. More than likely the SS would serve my purpose.

@ rnolan : I found a post of yours. What's your take on this tube choice?
Svetlana V1
Mullard V2

 on: Today at 08:03 PM 
Started by herbyguitar - Last post by herbyguitar
I have never run the (stock) MP1 full gain. I'm pretty sure there's plenty of gain at hand for me. I just need tighter and quieter. The tone of the (stock) MP1 is fine. EQ wise, I have a 3 band parametric and a 7 band linear in the 1101 which is running after the MP1. I won't be adding anything to the front end or the effects loop of the MP1. Things in front seem to always add noise.

 on: Today at 07:24 PM 
Started by GuitarBuilder - Last post by Kim
"Idiocracy" is a GREAT movie!  What Gerry said is bang on correct about it.  It's very funny but it does ring true in so many ways. 

I wish Mike Judge would make a sequel to it....

 on: Today at 06:11 PM 
Started by brianiac5150 - Last post by brianiac5150's been ages since I've been here.

I put this issue off for quite some time, however, took it to a tech recently and had it repaired.  Thought I'd post the fix:  "an open diode in the 8VDC supply causing the voltage to sag severely under load of the tube filaments."

Got it back, was crankin' it like the glory days ('cept current days: into my interface and Two Notes WoS III) and a tube blew.  Ugh.  Replaced that and all has been well since.  Sounds fantastic and makes me smile every chance I plug into it.

Anywho...FYI.   :whoohoo!:

 on: Today at 05:21 PM 
Started by Dante - Last post by Dante
Well that kind of makes sense, you press the button ready for the change, then just let go when you want it without having to look down again, handy if you are singing.

If I had the forethought to do that ahead of time, yes it would be handy. Unfortunately, I usually forget about changing at all until it's nearly too late. Ahhhh!!

 on: Today at 03:22 PM 
Started by GuitarBuilder - Last post by rabidgerry
Yes I believe this also.  Now I wanna say something serious but you all must really check out my recommendation.

This phenomenon of people getting dumber has already been noted by the fantastic film director Mike Judge, the creator of Beavis and butt head.  He made a a movie a few years back that basically predicts this stupidity phenomenon.  The film is comedy but as all mike judge programs do, they make amazing observational statements of real life and do so in a tongue in cheek manor but in  a very clever way.

Watch the movie Isocracy guys if you have not seen it already.  It raps up how man kind is doomed by future dumb ass generation after future dumb ass generation.  And it does it in a hilarious way but it also says something that I personally believe is currently happening right now!  And that is generations ate getting dumber and dumber.  Watch the movie guys!

 on: Today at 02:05 PM 
Started by Dante - Last post by MarshallJMP

There is one very weird thing about this unit, and I now remember how it drove me batty when I had one years ago. The patches don't switch when you push down on the pedal, they change when you LET UP on the button. That took some getting used to.

Ha that's strange  8)

 on: Today at 02:03 PM 
Started by GuitarBuilder - Last post by MarshallJMP
Well I was reading in the paper a week ago an article about the fact that people are becoming more stupid in the past 2 decades , so maybe they are right  :lol:

 on: Today at 01:55 PM 
Started by rnolan - Last post by MarshallJMP
I think he was the brother of Angus and Malcolm, no? and the production on those early AC/DC albums was superb, again another big loss!!

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