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Lets get Technical > All Things Tube All about preamp and power amp Tubes.

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 on: Today at 04:20 PM 
Started by herbyguitar - Last post by herbyguitar
I took out the Mullard and the strange fluctuations and 1/2 of the noise went away.
It's still too noisy to run over 6.0 gain without a gate. Seems like it's not really any better than stock.
I think I need to have someone look at it and find out what's wrong...

 on: Today at 03:29 PM 
Started by herbyguitar - Last post by Systematic Chaos
2 things that come to my mind instantly:
- bad tube
- bad Vol pot
Iḿ sure MJMP will chime in shortly

 on: Today at 01:49 PM 
Started by herbyguitar - Last post by herbyguitar
Chorus is off. So is loop.
What is "bucket brigade circuit?"
I may have more than one issue going on here... Is there a chance I may also have a bad tube? I'm thinking of the singing when turned up.

 on: Today at 07:58 AM 
Started by MarshallJMP - Last post by Kim
One of my favorite vocalists.   RIP Warrel Dane.   :'(

 on: Today at 04:32 AM 
Started by MarshallJMP - Last post by rnolan
RIP Warrel, Wow, we seem to be doing this way too much of late  :facepalm:

 on: Today at 04:22 AM 
Started by Chip Roberts - Last post by rnolan
Fantastic  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!:

 on: Today at 04:21 AM 
Started by herbyguitar - Last post by rnolan
Is it affected by patch setting ?  is chorus on ? (I'm guessing something to do with the bucket brigade circuit ?? due to your old phone reference)

 on: Today at 03:51 AM 
Started by Chamai - Last post by rnolan
Hey RG, I think it's more simple than that, in the pics you posted it's a bit hard to see as that set of 4 solder points is under the wires but it should be easy like MJMP said.  Though between 2 of the points (1 & 4) there seems to be a capacitor currently  :dunno: not sure what that's for. So if you look under the wires (which block the view in the pics) there should be a connector wire between 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 (for 120v) maybe it's underneath ?  So you need to remove those connector wires and wire one between 2 & 3 only for 220v. Again don't know about the cap (which is mounted from on top of the PCB between 1 & 4).  So it seems that the tranny power input coil wires are connected to those 4 points on the PCB to make it easy to change voltage for different regions.  You could also wire a switch to the 4 points so you could switch between the 2 power inputs and put a jug socket on it (IEC).

As for hum, currently we both have a bunch of rubber feet stacked on top of one another which seems to connect the tranny vibration to the lid, which doesn't help, taking the top off solves it so I think the rubber feet is a bad idea, as I said I put more rubber feet in and it didn't help at all.

So my idea is to insulate the lid from the case a bit, as in run some foam packing or whatever (door jam seal ??) i.e 1/4" strips between the lid and the case edges that the lid attaches to, then the lid screws go through that into the case edges, so the lid is buffered from the case a little bit

 on: Today at 01:07 AM 
Started by Chamai - Last post by rabidgerry
Well there is an easy check you can do, measure the resistance on the mains plug, then convert it to 220V and the resistance should be 4 times higher.
So for example if the it's 30 ohms on 110V then it should be 120 ohms on 220V.

I shall do this when I make the switch, it's a good way to test without having to turn the plug on and blow it up.  I really need to see what it is I'm going to be doing first of all.  I guess I will need to un-mount the transformer and gain access to wires on the other side?

 on: Time Format 
Started by Chip Roberts - Last post by Chip Roberts
Zombie thread:

After getting a new MP1 (which I love of course), I gave my old one to our other guitar player, as he's an electrical engineer and is interested in old tech like this.  He replaced one of the diodes and BOOM-it works.  Still needs some more work done, like replacing input jacks and volume pots, but now I have another MP1 for backup  :headbanger:

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