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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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 on: Today at 04:40 PM 
Started by Kim - Last post by Systematic Chaos
Nice sum-up and review!
I'm a bit surprised by your CL experience though....Especially the lows and lower mids outplay or compliment its highs in all of my guitars (mahogany, alder, basswood and ash). It's been nicknamed MudLab or ThumbLab for its eq ;-)
Especially the high notes have so much belly/depth and cream.
Did you use a 500k or a 1Meg pot?
Anyway, personal preferences and subjective tone definitions with all of us  8)
Glad you found a combo that works for you!

 on: Today at 03:01 PM 
Started by rnolan - Last post by MikeB
That's cool, man. But it's a singer we want, not another guitarist.  :facepalm:

 on: Today at 12:02 PM 
Started by Kim - Last post by Kim
Hey Kim,

any updates??

DiMarzio CrunchLab
Ok, after further review I think the CrunchLab is not for me.  It sounds really good though, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.  It has a nice crisp feel to it, the harmonics really pop, and has a decent amount of power.  However, to me it lost too much of the Lows and seemed just a tad too piercing at times (probably due to my guitar not having a Tone control).  Even with the Lo on my MP-2 at +12 (where I normally keep it) it just doesn't have that pounding that I want in my current sound.  A Tone pot on my guitar would help with rolling back the Highs just a wee bit, but there's no room in the cavity to add another pot. I could add a circuit that incorporates the Tone rating/capacitance/magick without actually adding another pot, but that won't bring back the Lows anyway.

Remember, this is all very subjective.  I feel that the others who love this pickup have a very good reason to, and I certainly won't knock it because it is a very nice sounding pickup....just not quite what I'm looking at this time.  I'm glad I got to try it, because you never know until you do.  Reading and comparing the specs doesn't nearly as much as actually trying it IRL.  However, if I keep the CrunchLab I wouldn't have a "backup" guitar anymore; I'd have "another" guitar.  Know what I mean?

DiMarzio Breed
This pickup is one of the two models that brought me to love DiMarzio passive pickups. (Thanks Systematic Chaos!  :wave:)
I find that the EQ balance of this one is perfect for what I'm doing, but the polepieces need to stay at level for that. Raising the pole pieces under the higher-radiused strings to balance the distance between the poles and the strings result in quite a substantial midrange spike...more than I would've guessed and definitely more than what I need. I'll keep 'em flat across the surface of the pickup.
A good amount of power, and cleans up nicely with the guitar volume control.  Good dynamics, and nice beefy tone without becoming overbearing in any frequency area.  Very responsive to picking attack. This would be my current pickup of choice for the Bridge, and will very likely get another for my other guitar.  :thumb-up:

DiMarzio PAF Pro
I absolutely LOVE this pickup in the Neck position!  It is exactly what I was looking for there, and I can't explain it but the EQ of it, the power, the feel is exactly what I was looking for.  My gosh, I was missing out on this for all this time?  Very "vocal" sounding, meshes perfectly with the Breed (I actually do use the middle position of the 3way toggle quite a bit), and even sounds really good in a Parallel humbucker mode as well.  In the Parallel mode, the volume drops down a bit but really digging in on a Clean amp setting brings a certain desirable "spank" or "quack" quality and makes me play/noodle something a bit SRV or maybe even Blackmore-ish inspired licks.  On a Hi Gain amp setting, I can't help noodling out some of the more neo-classical Yngwie-inspired licks.  LOL  But the main point here is that this pickup is everything I'm looking for in a Neck pickup; I'll look no further for another.  Very very pleased with this one.

Actually quite pleased with all 3 even though 2 of them are the clear winners for me.  I'm very glad I made this switch from active pickups to DiMarzio passives.  The actives aren't bad.  I loved them for a long time, but my tastes have changed. 
DiMarzio FTW.   :thumb-up:

 on: Today at 06:33 AM 
Started by Dante - Last post by Dante
Will do  :thumb-up:

 on: Today at 03:11 AM 
Started by rnolan - Last post by rnolan
Well go figure, I bought my daughter a baby taylor (US made limited edition), over 10 years ago.  She wasn't into it back then so it joined my collection (nice little 3/4 guitar), I recently put a new set of strings on it and set it up, it doesn't get played much.
Anyway, my daughter asked the other night if I could give her acoustic guitar lessons, well absolutely  :whoohoo!: .  So she had her first lesson today (I gave her a few lessons way back but she wasn't particularly into it then), and now she's so keen and picked it up very easily (though her fingers will hurt for a week or so LoL). So happy and proud  :banana-jazz-smiley-emoticon:

 on: Today at 03:02 AM 
Started by Richie_B - Last post by rnolan
As they said in "The Castle" movie, tell him he's dreaming, over $39k AUD for 2 MP-1s one minus the vol knob... it said there had been 3 offers  :dunno:

 on: Today at 02:53 AM 
Started by Dante - Last post by rnolan
Take some pics of the top and underneath the PCB (particularly around the power supply area), also remove the tubes and take a close up of/around R913, it's under one of the tubes.  Then we can tell if the noise mod was done.

 on: Today at 02:48 AM 
Started by Kim - Last post by rnolan
Nice  :thumb-up:

 on: Time Format 
Started by Richie_B - Last post by MikeB
Is someone actually going to pay that much just because Billy Corgan once owned it?  i kind of get buying someone's famous guitar because you can at least hang it on a wall and look at it.  But who is going to put an mp1 into a display cabinet?  Surely you would only buy it if you were going to use it.  Just because it might have been used on a Smashing Pumpkins album is not going to make it sound any better than mine. :facepalm: :dunno: :crazy:

 on: Time Format 
Started by Dante - Last post by Dante
I have never used the MP-2 in this venue, but I heard from another guitarist who said; that hum always drives me nuts when I play here. Now, my hum was as loud as my there's that.

As far as i know, I had the noise mod done by 'the official Legacy ADA repair guy' in the East Bay Area (near Oakland, the home of ADA). He had my MP2 far too long, and is no longer listed here: there's that.

I'll do it myself this time. The MP2 is a bit noisy on the high gain channels, but's the high gain stuff, so there's that.

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